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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


on our way home from walmart today i was talking to amelya about how awesome it was that jesus helps her go potty on the toilet. then breigh says...amen. it was funny. and amelya stayed dry ALL day. she peed in her pull-up while i was getting the other girls in from outside. i KNEW i should've put her on it before i went back out. oh well. so she did great. she really wants to wear underwear, but also knows she can't until she can stay dry in pull ups for a few days...i'm so proud of her. i also can't believe how long she can go with out peeing. she went from nine this morning until four this afternoon before she went. and believe me she tried between there. but i don't go pee that often either, even while pregnant, so maybe it's a genetic thing. who knows.

my pictures were in early at sears! yay. so my sister came with us to the mall and we got them. they turned out great. i really am glad i got the 10x10 framed thing they put together for me too. my girlies look so grown up. it's amazing to me how fast they grow. the mall was actually pretty busy today. and my little breigh is learning to not look at abercrombie. since they were little i cover their eyes everytime we walk by the store. i don't need them seeing naked boys pictures. UGH! i can't stand that. anyways..after being at the mall a few times amelya started covering her own eyes...and now she has learned once the black blinds start coming to look away, and today breigh did it too all by herself. i'm so proud of them. i also get a headache instantly when i walk by that store. do they have the cologne running through the air ducts there or what!?! we also went to build a bear because i had a coupon and got some more new outfits. i have to admit it is kind of fun shopping for a little stuffed animal. breigh got a new outfit and shoes for her puppy for her birthday too. so her puppy is all decked out with loads of clothes. libby lu is also open now. amelya was excited to get glitter in her hair. i signed them up for the libby lu club too, and they got free bracelets. nice ones too. with sparkles. amelya has also now decided once she goes potty on the toilet all the time and wears underwear she wants to go there. i said sure. it seems like fun. so i can't wait to take her. i'm so excited for her to be a 'big girl'. i felt bad when she peed today, she said, mom next time i will be a big girl. another funny moment on the toliet this afternoon when she wasn't going pee too...she said 'mom i think my bladder is broken'. lol. i think she just didn't want to sit any longer!!

caitlyn started waving yesterday! yep waving. she's getting so big. she's been having a runny nose and goopy eyes, not pink just goopy, since sunday. today her breathing sounded raspy. now i'm all paranoid listening to her and watching her breathe. i don't want to end up in the hospital with her again. maybe i never mentioned it, but back in february she was hospitalized from a sunday to thursday with bronchiolitis. so now i watch her closer because i don't want her to have that happen again. her o2 levels dropped pretty low when we were there and it was a scary thing to hear the dr. say i think i'm going to keep her. but god. but god saw us through it, and her. and all the nurses loved her and thought she was so cute...and etc. i did have to buy some girl outfits for the hospital though. because we were not anticipating a hospital stay we had no extra clothes the sunday we went in (during a rain/snow/ice storm) they only had boy clothes for her. so i donated some and the nurses went ga-ga over how cute they were. seriously they were like seven bucks at walmart...and just sleepers. it was funny.

it's late. i'm not tired. i should be. shaun worked way too long today. he had to go in at five and didn't get home til 830. the girls didn't even get to play with him. but thankfully there aren't tons of nights like this. like when he used to work for his uncle or the co-op. there were WEEKS like this. i don't miss that at all. i hate going to bed without him. it is so weird. but yet in the morning when he gets up for work...i take over the entire bed and don't have a problem sleeping without him. oh well. so i suppose...because it's late and my contacts are drying to my eyes...i am going to go...may your dreams be filled with sweet things. :o)

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The Johnson Family said...

That is so exciting that Amelya is doing so well with the potty!! Keep up the good work Amelya!! Otis has no intention of using the potty yet he thinks it's a game.