i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


tired. that's me. tired from staying up too late. tired from amelya fighting me on the toilet today. tired of hearing caitlyn coughing so much in her sleep and wondering if i should call the doctor. tired of breigh fighting with gage all the time when we're at his house. yep i'm tired. what should i be doing instead of blogging? where do i start!?!
cleaning up the kitchen
cleaning up the living room
going through the dress up clothes and getting rid of the ripped stuff
going through the barbies and accessories
sitting and doing nothing...wait i am pretty much doing that
painting the playroom
but instead i sit here. but then i probably won't later because i'll have my post in 'for the day'. but then again shaun will probably be asleep on the couch and i'll venture my way to the desk. who knows. i'm kinda crabby. don't know why really. all three...yes i said three...girls are napping. they all fell asleep on our seven minute ride home from gage's house. i think amelya was exhausted from all of the crying she did on the toilet while we were there, breigh was just plain exhausted from playing and chasing gage around...and caitlyn hadn't napped yet all day either. caitlyn is starting to wake up a little now. she keeps crying a little then sleeping. between of course all the coughing. she had been doing good all day. then i debate should i call the dr? before she ended up in the hospital she coughed for two hours straight in her sleep and they said to bring her in because it is disrupting her sleep. so i guess this isn't disrupting her sleep too much. so we'll see how the night goes. i just get so nervous. but i need to pray and give it all to god. i'm not in control at all. nope i'm not. i'm just tired. and now caitlyn is awake. so this will be short...and all one paragraph...sorry.

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