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Thursday, July 03, 2008

things that make me smile

it's been a long week. so i thought it'd be nice to think of the things this week that make me smile, instead of dwelling on the fact that amelya is no closer to being potty trained then she was last week, and caitlyn is still coughing (not as much) and breigh having to bring two baby dolls and their carseats everywhere we go. or i guess the fact that shaun has to work at four in the morning...and i've been having heartburn and weighed myself and have gained ten pounds!

smiley things of my week...because we all should have them and know what they are

~breigh looks adorable in pigtails...and is leaving them in

~amelya is at least trying and has gone potty on the toilet

~shaun has off on saturday...and it was his weekend to work

~caitlyn learned to wave and says mama all the time

~i got to feel the baby kick really hard

~breigh fell asleep on my belly

~amelya fell asleep on the toilet

~caitlyn fell asleep in her high chair

~figuring out how to do fun things with photoshop

~spending the day at my bestest friends and not having to worry about being 'happy' to her and being able to talk about whatever...and getting funny advice from her husband...who is i must say, and she'd probably say too, a typical boy

~me getting my kitchen CLEANED...not just picked up...and shaun saying something nice about it without being 'prompted'

~shaun only is going to work a few hours tomorrow so we can go to a parade and picnic thingy

~after shaun gets out of the shower he's going to paint in the playroom

~my pictures came in early

~laughing at the craziness of baby borrowers

~learning how to take nice pictures with my camera

~realizing i have a drs appt next week

~not having to stress where money is coming from to pay shaun's mom for the month

okay i'll stop...i've had a lot of good smiley times this week, and i am smiling now that i think about all of them. like i said it's been a long week. a frustrating week. i just don't know how to get amelya to tell us when she has to go potty. she goes after i make her sit. this morning it was seriously two hours. no joking. and that was from when she got up. i always have to pee when i get up. her words to me were i don't WANT to go. so i made her sit. because it was clash of wills man. and my will one. i have to say i did yell a little out of frustration. but i didn't do anything i regret now. so it's all good i guess. i just don't understand how she can sit on the toilet for SO long and not go. determined with loads of perseverance i guess. this afternoon she actually fell asleep on the toilet and was snoring! i have pics to prove it!! i'm a scrapbooker i COULD not resist.

breigh has been letting me put piggys in her hair! yay! amelya doesn't like them in so much, so it's nice to let breigh let me. i don't feel like posting pics so you'll have to wait until i do to see how adorable she looks.

shaun is in the shower now. he asked me if i was going to help paint. i should. but i gives me a headache. but then we get to spend time together...and maybe talk for once. last night we didn't say a word to each other after putting the girls to bed. partly because he said something to irritate me before they went to bed and the other part because he was asleep himself right away. i don't like his long hours. but what can i do. doesn't pay to complain. so i won't. i'll just say i don't like the hours. which is the truth. done.

so i'm leaving now. well not leaving literally but computerally. i am out of things to say at the moment. i know, pick that jaw up off the floor. so have a happy fourth. and remember JESUS SETS US FREE FOR ETERNITY! that's a LONG time. :O)

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