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Sunday, July 06, 2008

short. really short.

this will be short. but we've had a great holiday weekend. i will post pics later today or tomorrow or whenever i get to it. the parade and picnic was fun. the party at shaun's aunt yesterday was fun too. and of course even better with grandma hoerth cake and my caramel bars. i made two pans, it's easier with the recipe to do that, and am bringing the second pan today to church. yummy. plus amelya was so excited to see and 'catch' fireflies. amelya is still not potty trained, and still sitting forever before actually going. except in the morning. because she knows she can't eat unitl she goes. and probably because she knows i mean it and doesn't want to sit for two hours. sooooo that's a short update. i have to get ready for church. shaun is working this morning, lord willing will be done in time for church, but i still have to get the three girls ready to go until he gets here to help. later gators.

3 loving words from you.:

Ashley said...

carmel bars... yummy!!!

kozgirl said...

Hi mommy of 4 :) I am glad you signed up for my blog! I haven't seen your blog before. Are you a blogging friend of logziella? Your 3 little girls are beautiful. So we have something in common - 3 children and 1 on the way and we both live in WI.

proudmommy4 said...

i actually found your blog from logziella, but found hers some other way. i don't even know how. but i do enjoy reading both of yours. it's kind of fun to read the lives of people you don't know. :) thank you,i think my girls are beautiful too, but i am their mommy. i was pleasantly surprised to read you were from wi in your blog somewhere. it's fun to know someone elses life in the same state i'm in. thanks for stopping. :)