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Monday, July 07, 2008

fun with photoshop

here are some photo collages i made with photoshop. it's easy and i've become addicted to it!! plus then i can share a whole bunch of pics and only load one thing. enjoy!!
these are of the girls at shaun's aunt's party the day after the fourth, but still so cute!!

here's all of us on the fourth, we spent the morning at the parade and picnic for lunch, and the girls and i (one time) enjoyed the blow up slide. i didn't zoom in too far on that picture of me, because i looked scared. i wasn't, but was surprised at how fast the thing went. plus shaun was a good sport and wore matching shirts with all of his girlies, except his was red. amelya was SO excited to have daddy match her.

these are the girls, and some friends that they made at the party. not just our family was invited. i love how little kids don't care about anything but playing with each other. plus the sunlight was perfect for all the pics. love it. we had a great time!

i know i have already share the pics of the ultrasound, but i can't leave out little baby d. baby has been moving so much more now. i can even feel it on the outside!! yay!! the baby has been up since before six-thirty this morning and hasn't quit moving. it's nice to have a baby up, but not have to get out of bed....yet. :0)
here are the pictures...not all of them...but some...from the waterpark hotel for breigh's birthday. gotta love their matching swimsuits!!

here's one of the girlies outside. amelya is wearing a sweater because she just wanted too not because it was cold outside. just so you know i wasn't trying to freeze or neglect my other children who aren't wearing sweaters.

this is my little amelya NOT going potty on the toilet. now i do not take pics of her on the toilet all the time i was just looking at my camera and she wanted to have me take a few pictures. plus this was like the first or second day of sitting on the potty. which she's gotten a little better with going faster. yesterday once did she sit an hour, but went poopy then potty in that hour! we just may be getting somewhere....i hope.

one i did that didn't have to do anything with my kiddies. because truly my friends, his love IS amazing. have a super loving amazing day.

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The Johnson Family said...

Your collages are beautiful! I just might have to go out and by myself that program.