i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


tuesday already. i know only the second day of the week, but still yesterday flew by. we went to mom's group. then i went to mcdonald's with the girls because my mom was watching them later on in the afternoon and decided instead of running all the way home for a few hours we'd just stay in town. amelya went POTTY at mcdonald's. YAY. i told her we could not eat until she went. it took her under five minutes. then after mcdonald's we ran some errands and went to my mom's to wait for her to get home. amelya went potty there as well in under five minutes. yay! after i left my mom tried with her and she went for my mom. and she went for shaun after he got the girls home. although she did fall asleep on the toilet for shaun. he was funny. i was out to eat with a friend and he calls and asks what he should do if she fell asleep. i said wake her up and tell her to go. so he did and she did. praise the lord.
i went to get a pedicure, much needed of course, and out to eat with a friend of mine yesterday. it was nice to get together with her and just relax for a few hours. we got to our pedicure around 445 and i didn't get home til almost ten. it was a nice evening. i got hot pink on my toes. makes me smile just to look at them. who knew. then we went to hu hot to eat. she had never been there before. i think she liked it. i had two plate fulls of food, then some really yummy cheesecake with strawberries on top for dessert. because i have been craving cheesecake and shaun doesn't like it...soooo just HAD to have it. i was FULL.
after we ate we ran to walmart, because i forgot to look when we were there earlier, for a fold up travel potty seat. at first i was worried because all they had were sponge bob, but way in the back we found a dora one!! yay! so now i don't have to carry a big brown paper bag with a big ole potty seat in it. i can fold this one and put it in the diaper bag.
well this is one boring post. sorry. but the girlies need me....so i gots to go for now...have a full day of fun.

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