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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

'mommy i have to go potty'

...yep i heard those words today...for the first time since starting this potty training adventure. i was thrilled, except i was also driving to the chiro. ahh! so i said did you go already. and amelya said it was 'still in there' so i asked if she could wait til we got by amy. which was about ten minutes away. amelya said yes, so i said okay. and prayed that she would. and she did!! praise the lord. i truly feel so much better about this potty training thing. i asked priscilla at church on sunday and mom's at mom's group for prayer about it. i think, no i know, it's working. now i kick myself for wondering why i didn't do it sooner! ahh. the enemy got the best of me last week, but NOT this week...it's god's victory this time. yay! i am super excited. amelya stayed dry all day yesterday and today, but today she did poop in her pull up. i didn't yell at her for that but told her it made me sad and she should go in the toilet. so we'll keep working on that, but she's peeing in the potty so that's a great thing.

and i have super exciting news. i won!! i won what you ask. the 'name the mystery flavor of ice cream' contest at the ice cream shop!! super yay!! i won a free quart of ice cream a month, for an entire YEAR!! yay!! the name i picked was mambo #5. the ice cream had take five candy bar in it, so that's as creative as i could get. apparently it won the hearts of someone. i was so excited yesterday when i drove past the ice cream shop and saw the name I PICKED on the sign, for the flavor of the week. how cool!?! last year i was on the rachael ray show for one of the worst kitchens in america and this year i win ice cream. how much better can it get? the owner called me today and offically told me. it's so silly to be so excited, but i truly am.

i went and paid for my dress today at the bridal shop, amelya's actually is NOT in yet, lord willing next week or the week after. so i have that long to get her in underwear so she can try on the dress. i made the rule she is not allowed to even try it on unless she is wearing underwear. the dresses for the wedding are very pretty, and the colors are better in person. now i am just praying that i can get skinny after having little d baby to fit into the dress in time for the wedding.

okay i have to cut this short...again!...shaun just got out the ice cream..not my winning stuff...i haven't picked that up yet...and i have to hurry. hope you have a super duper winning day.

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