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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

yummy ice cream

i went to the ice cream shop today and got my 'punch card' for the free quart of ice cream for a year. i got cookies n cream. i thought shaun didn't like it, then i could eat it all myself. but he does like it. so now i'm waiting for him to take a shower so i can eat it with him. not the whole quart. but he asked if i could wait. so i am...not so paitently.

amelya stayed dry all day today. she hated going at gage's house. and threw a terror of a fit. but she and i survived and eventually she went. yay. no poopy today, so i'll have to watch for signs tomorrow and try to get her to go on the potty. i have a drs appt tomorrow too!! i also want to go to the mom and pop place to see what kind of sale they're having. i am not sure if i'll go or not. but i like the store. and it's a cafe on half, and the girls like to play there. so we'll see. see how ambitious i am. amelya is wearing underwear to bed. i know she'll stay dry all night, and i might be adventurous and try underwear tomorrow...maybe...they're the training kind and not the regular ones, so maybe that'll work better, so not as to make a big ole mess all over if she wets. but i have confidence in her that she won't wet herself. just the poopy thing that makes me nervous.

i'm excited for my drs. appt. we'll see if i have really gained the ten pounds my mom's scale says i have. i'm excited to be measured too. i feel big. and since i have been asked twice now if i'm having twins i must look big. but i am NOT having twins. unless one was hiding very well. very very well.

well the shower has stopped. YAY! so now i am leaving ya'll and going to get some yummy yummy ice cream!! toodles.

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