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Friday, July 11, 2008

things that made me smile

i did this last week. and i thought i should do it again. because like i said it's something we should do. so i'll try to remember to do it every week.

*amelya TOLD me she had to go potty, even if only once, it is still a major change from last week

*breigh started asking why? it made me smile because she had this big smile while doing it too

*caitlyn started crawling on her hands and knees not just army crawling

*i can feel the baby move on the outside and the inside

*my mom was able to watch the girls for me twice this week

*breigh didn't make gage bleed at all

*pedicure and dinner with cheescake

*watching all three of my girlies starting to interact together and play

*amelya's wearing underwear

*shaun doesn't have to work this weekend

*we're going up north for the weekend

*my mom is having a lia sophia show for me so i get to make some extra money

*no kids were mean to mine at mom and pop place

*it was some other kid who went potty in his clothes and not mine at mom and pop place

*i won the name the flavor of ice cream contest

*the ice cream was yummy

okay so that's that for now. my drs appt went well yesterday. i gained the ten pounds i thought i had. and i am measuring a little over a week ahead. i was 23 weeks 5 days yesterday, and i measured at 25 weeks. so not too bad. my appt took longer then expected though because she got called away for a delivery, i decided to just wait rather then reschedule and only ended up waiting fifteen minutes longer then i already had been. glad i waited. today i have to pack for up north. it makes for more packing since my mom is having a party for me. so i have to get all my jewelry stuff ready and all of our stuff ready. oh well. i'm excited for her party and to make some extra money. so i'm off to get some stuff done. i need to finish the wash from yesterday and do another load today. then it won't be so bad when we get home. i'll be all 'caught up' for now. amelya pooped in her underwear yesterday. then she peed in them after we were home. i took her new baby doll and doll sling away after doing that. she cried, and i was kinda sad, when she hugged her baby doll and had to say good bye. i gave her the doll this morning and said she will get it taken away if she pees in her underwear again. now i ask her where we go pee and she says on the toilet. and i said where don't we go pee...she says on the floor. i had to reitterate that we don't go in our underwear. the kid is smart enough to pee on the couch and say i didn't pee on the floor! lol. so to my wash and packing and mommying. :) enjoy your weekend. i'll be back on sunday or monday to you my blog friends. if there are any out there. :)

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