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Sunday, July 13, 2008

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i really am not so creative to think of titles all the time. probably because i spend my blogging time blabbing about everything and never just one thing. so insert your own creative title.

amelya has been staying dry!! yay!! since last thursday she has not peed in her underwear. how awesome is it when we trust god to help us and he does. i wish i would have taken the time last week to just pray and trust him, foolishly i try to do things all on my own! ha! she is currently sitting on the toilet singing...cinderelly at the ball, at the ball, at the ball, cinderelly at the ball, at the ball...too cute. we watched cinderella III on the way up to the camper this weekend, and on the way home. i actually think the movie is quite cute and don't mind listening to it over and over. i think it's cute how she's singing it too now. i can't believe how much she is growing up.

breigh and caitlyn are napping. we took the opportunity to paint some. i started getting a headache so i quit, but shaun is still 'hard at 'er'. we have the blue and green wall painted. and i got almost all of the blue stripes painted. yay! so we have pink, and purple and green stripes to finish....okay this is HOURS later...we have all the stripes pretty much painted...just have to touch up a little. i'm so super excited for this crazy play room to be FINISHED. we're going on MONTHS here. amelya ended up going poopy on the potty before! ptl. but then after supper she also went in her underwear. slowly but surely. but no potty in the underwear so that is awesome. one thing at a time.

this past weekend was lots of fun. my mom's jewelry party went well and then we went swimming after. amelya jumped in and put herself under. she was excited when auntie amy helped her under to touch the bottom of the pool. she was talking to me before how she closed her eyes and her mouth. it's amazing to me how much like little fish they are when we hardly go swimming. caitlyn didn't like the water much so i took her back by my mom and dad and they hung out with her while we stayed at the pool. the water was a little chilly. i didn't go under but went in and played at least. the girls loved it. later on breigh took a nap...which she fought, but slept good...then my mom and dad, sister and grant, and me and shaun played a washer toss tournament. shaun and i came in second. couldn't beat those parents of mine. oh well. it was fun and it's nice to spend time together. we left a little before eight this morning to get back for church. we could have went to appleton, but i prefer our little home church instead. and i'm glad we went. god really used mike to teach lots of things today.

we're studying in eccl. currently for church. we go through a chapter or two a week, depending. i love going through the bible chapter by chapter verse by verse. we'll never miss anything. and it always is whatever we're learning about we're dealing with in real life. god is cool that way. real cool. plus i love our super small group of church family. today priscilla said, it doesn't matter the number of your church, it matters the hearts and lives your turning to christ. she couldn't have put it any simpler. some church focus on numbers numbers, but do you have a church full of 'sunday i'll go to church but monday i'll be in the world' or a church full of devoted to christ always everyday people. i'd rather be part of the second one, and believe that i am. we start out church every week the same way...god is good...all the time...all the time...god is good. because truly he is. if we have no trust and faith in him, we have nothing. we try to fill the void with a whole bunch of things that won't fill that void. drugs, drinking, sex, partying, money, shopping, things...etc...none of those things will satisfy...the ONLY thing that truly satisfies is a personal relationship with jesus. then and only then can you experience that true peace. i think that's why now a days we see so many 'sad and depressed' people. they're trying to fill their lives with things that don't satisfy, or they satisfy but for a moment. jesus has satisfied since the day i let him. you have to be willing. you have to be open. you have to let him do that work through you and in you more importantly. i struggle each day. i try by myself to do things. then i realize what i've left out of those things. god. as soon as i let him in things get a whole bit easier. the potty training thing is my example right now.

well the girlies are in bed, and shaun is awake. i'm going to take this time to spend with him, instead of you. sorry. :) no i'm not. :P have a great night my friends...

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