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Monday, July 14, 2008

too much work=hurting back

did too much today. now my back is really hurting me. good thing i have a chiro appt tomorrow. it'll help. my mom came over today and helped do work outside and i got to it inside. i went through almost all of the toys and got rid of two huge bags full and now a box tonight. yay! amelya is a good sport about it. when i was loading some of it into my mom's truck she asked why i was giving that to other people and i said because we didn't need it. she said...okay. i LOVE it. i'm trying to get rid of more and more as we go on. trying to de-clutter. we live in a gimme world and i am trying to not let that happen...although it does sometimes. so we'll see how it goes.

breigh and caitlyn took really good naps...which afforded me the time to take care of a lot of my work. i was so excited. the playroom didn't get worked on today. shaun burned trash and cut the lawn...which in my book...was more important. he's outta the shower now and i'm sure beat. he worked almost 13 hours again today. gotta love the dedication of that.

so i'm going to keep this short. just so i can get to bed soon and rest my back and bum. talk to you tomorrow. :o)

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