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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


ahhh. i really do not like planning to do things with the boy shaun works with. he never STAYS ON TRACK TO WHAT HE SAYS. we were supposed to be leaving at NINE to go to the farm technology days. well i called shaun to check in to see what the plans were...now we might not leave til after TEN it'll take almost an hour to get there...that's ELEVEN...that's LUNCH TIME at our house. ahhhh. i wanted to go by ourselves so we didn't have to deal with anyone else, shaun couldn't find a nice way to say anything to him about it. now we're stuck going with them, and i'm going to be driven nuts by the fact he can't be accountable to his word. i am in NO WAY mad at shaun. it isn't his fault at all. but i know shaun knows i was irritated when i talked to him before about it. ahhh. i should just call him and tell him let's leave by ourselves. we are driving seperate anyways. then we get to go by ourselves and shaun isn't being mean to him, just trying to keep his family in mind. yep that sounds like a good idea. we'll have to see. i'll call him around nine to see where he is and tell him i want to leave. argh. okay i'm sorry to go on and be all crazy about this. but it truly is irritating me when people are not accountable to what they say. i know plans change and things come up, but this is different...nothing came up...and he's done this before, actually i think it was back in march when we went to the farm show in oshkosh. amelya and breigh are so excited to go to the farm show today. it's a lot bigger then in oshkosh, plus it's at an actual farm. they'll love seeing the cows and all that other good stuff. i don't really care either way, but i know it blesses me to see shaun and the girls so excited about seeing the stuff. slowly but surely i'll turn into a farm girl. :) maybe.

yesterday my mom came over again. she got lots of stuff done again, so did i. although walking into my house you wouldn't guess it at all. but one step at a time i am taking it. it's a whole lot easier to do that. we took caitlyn to the dr. at six. she has hand foot and mouth disease. that kid has caught so much stuff!! no biggie really though. i am just glad i don't have her in daycare to catch more crazy germs and have the chance of getting sick more, good thing i'm homeschooling my babies so that way she'll be a little bit more protected then too. maybe she just doesn't have a strong immune system. good thing i nursed her for six months. i had to quit after getting pregnant though...i was drained...litterally. she was 'sucking the energy' right outta me. enough about that. so needless to say after going to the dr and out for supper after i was tired when getting home and that's why you didn't hear from me at all yesterday. kleenex for your tears i know.

yesterday i was looking for something and i told amelya let's pray to jesus to find it. we did. then we did find it...but after i said let's pray to jesus amelya said...'jesus went away for a quick minute but he'll be back' i stood in AWE at that. i said yep you're right, he's coming and then we'll go to heaven with him. how awesome. she's only three but the words she hears, especially god's words, are going in and now are coming out! i love it. i truly love it. she's been really good at going potty still...telling me and everything when she has to go. now we're just trying to work on going poopy. she has this desire to go to hu hot and get a pedicure. i told her she cannot do either until she goes poopy on the potty all the time. and then we'll go together and breigh and caitlyn have to stay with daddy. so lord willing...we'll be doing that soon. i just love her in underwear and going on the toilet though. yay. one hard week of work paid off. it's fun to see after, because obviously when i was going through it i figured we'd be in diapers FOREVER. something else amelya said this week that i loved...i was going to put a square box of oj in a cup holder...i wanted to see if it was small enough to fit into it. amelya looks at me and goes...but mom it's square. lol. it was and it wouldn't fit in the circle cupholder. yay! another thing that she's learned. god's given me the grace to teach my kiddos something i guess....

okay it's almost nine...call time. yep i'm gonna do it. so toodles to you. maybe if i'm ambitious after a long day of walking i'll post pics later...i have to bring my camera...you never know if there is going to be a 'nikon moment' can't say kodak if i have a nikon right? lol. i'm in a much better mood after venting to you all. thanks for listening. i appreciate it. ha. i could be talking to no one. :>) amandaroo...that nickname makes me smile...so i figured it appropriate to end with that...amandaroo

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