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Thursday, July 17, 2008

farm show and rainstorm

well we made it to the farm show. we ended up leaving and meeting 'the boy' there. shaun said we weren't going to wait for him. GOOD THING! he didn't get there until like noon. we were already done eating lunch. good food by the way! i was also so proud of amelya she went potty while we were there...in a porta-potty. tight squeeze i might add for a pregnant mommy and a toddler. but we did it and she did it. so proud. then later on at home...poopy on the toilet after she said she had to go and this morning...same thing! oh thank you jesus is all i can say. i told her this morning she has to keep doing that so we can go to hu hot and a pedicure. i think she's more willing to try harder when she thought of the reward herself. she gets a big smile on her face whenever she says hu hot. hopefully she likes it when we end up going. but she likes rice and chiken, teryiaki chicken, and i can just put that in her bowl. mmmm...now i am getting excited to go.

we had to leave the farm show early yesterday. the actually evacuated EVERYONE THERE because of severe weather coming. it took us a little shy of an hour to get out of there. there were a ton of people. good thing for the dvd player in the van. the girls were content and breigh fell asleep eventually. the storm didn't hit hard til we were on our way. we ended up stopping at a gas station because of the hail and rain. i didn't look at the van to see if we ended up with any hail damage. oh well if we did. and it wasn't enough i'm sure that they would 'total out' our van. which would be to our advantage because we could take the money pay off the van and be out of a van payment and drive this one around yet. not going to get too excited! lol.

today we're going to the library. mr. billy a children's singer is going to be there. i think the girls will enjoy it. although i will have to wake breigh and caitlyn up early from their naps to go. the both handle it well usually. we have yet to go to a library program this summer, so i really want to take them to see something at least. after library i have to go to my mom's to pick up her dog. we're 'dog sitting' this weekend. ernie is no big deal to watch. he's a little dog and gets along well with our big dog.

last night shaun's sister called. she wanted to know if she could have ALL THREE GIRLS overnight friday. ummmm SURE! then we will pick them up saturday before going to shaun's cousin's graduation party. i don't know what we're going to do. but i'm excited at the prospect of a date night. and since i'm already pregnant we don't have to worry about that happening again. unless of course we'd be a soap opera because then i am sure i could end up pregnant again with another baby. lol. i also keep thinking maybe we should just stay home and work on the playroom. not so romantic, but kinda practical. wait! you know where he should take me. the melting pot. lol. i would love to do that, but i don't know that we have a hundred bucks to spend on that. i could find it though. my mom did just have a show for me. i've made almost 200 bucks so far on it....hmmmm....we'll see. i'm sure that we need reservations, and being a friday night they're probably all booked anyways. maybe next time. i don't know if there are any movies out that i want to see. most movies i wait til they come out on dvd. then if there is too much swearing, sex etc. i can stop it and i've only wasted four bucks instead of much much more. it is quite ridiculous what they charge for movies. but whenever i use our money to buy our tickets we always get in as students. they don't ask if i am and i don't say i'm not when they only charge us for students. they should ask. so we'll see what we do. i'm just praying shaun doesn't have to work late. he has to work this weekend, and usually ends up working late the friday before too because the boy he works with wants to get loads of stuff done before he isn't working for a few days. control freak? i think so.

so anything else to blab about? i don't know. caitlyn's hand foot and mouth is looking good. breigh is talking in paragraphs almost all the time. caitlyn is also starting to pull up on things. she's so proud of herself even if she is only on her knees. soon she'll be on her feet, then letting go, then taking steps, then walking, then running, then then then. i keep thinking it's a good thing i'm having a baby...or that itch would be on FULL FORCE. the baby is so active too. i love feeling the baby move. just so you know i totally had to back space because i wrote what it was. ahh. i am going to have to start watching myself more closely as this little one continues to grow and move more. so i suppose...it's almost lunch time...well a half hour..but i have to decide what we're having yet.......later gator...

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Kristen said...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the kind comments on my blog! Your children are adorable!