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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

it's been awhile. sorry. we've been busy...or i've been tired, because we've been busy...last night i fell asleep on the couch BEFORE shaun! that's a first in a loooooooooooong time. friday was date night. we had a nice time. we went out to eat and then mini golfing, and then for ice cream. it is so cheap when we're only paying for the two of us. shaun had to work saturday, so i decided since i had the morning to myself to do some shopping. and shopping i did. kohls had a sale, when don't they?, and i had an extra 20 percent off. so i spent lots of money on lots of stuff. i got the girls clothes, new sheets and pillows, and some kitchen stuff for shaun's sister's birthday next month, and shaun some jeans and shirts. i only bought myself one thing. it's a cute little maternity dress/shirt thing that i am going to wear to the wedding we have later this month. and i bought shaun a green striped shirt to wear and my dress is green...so we'll be all cute and match too...shaun's words "that's what i get for asking you to get me stuff" :) that's right.

krystle's grad party was saturday too. we had a super nice time...after picking the girls up from danielle's. breigh took an awful digger as we got there though. she was all excited to see us and didn't use the stairs to the front of danielle's house and ended up taking the brunt of the fall with her head and neck. thankfully she is fine...and hardly bled. i was actually thankful it happened to her and not amelya too. amelya is our drama queen and would still be talking about it, breigh doesn't even seem to care. although the fall put her all out of whack and she had major issues going poopy yesterday morning. we went to the chiro and her legs were way off. i would say two or three or more inches off from each other. the chiro adjusted her and she pooped fine last night. i love the chiro...totally has helped her out tremendously with all of her issues with that.

we didn't stay too long for the grad party. about nine. we wanted to get the girls to bed so we weren't waking them up for church on sunday. we ended up having to wake up amelya and caitlyn at 915, we leave at 930ish for church. which this week ended up being almost 945ish. ahh. but we made it on time and god is always so good. church was really good too. well it always is. but i got a lot out of it this week. here are a few points i really took to heart this week:
~*~ whatever we are trusting in-god will remove from our lives-he wants to show you that HE is in control and should be trusted in

~*~our conduct reflects what we believe, just because we go to church every week and read our bibles doesn't mean everything...it's what we do and show that matters to the people watching

~*~we become anxious during 'bad times' but we fail to realize who god is, and that he is allowing the circumstance to reveal himself to us lots

~*~we will only be affected by what others say when we ALLOW the things they say to affect us, we need to listen to what god has said and not worry about what man says

~*~the 'good ole days' weren't that good...eccl. 7:10, we can't live in the past, the enemy will lie to us and say our former days were better, but they so were not.

that's that from church. we're already into ecclesiastes 8 and 9 for next week. it's crazy how fast we're flowing right through.

sunday after church more painting got done. the light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel. the stripes look so cool. i am soooo excited to see it all finished. slow but sure.

yesterday was busy. mom's group, then i had to stop at my mom's house, the the chiro, then i went to babies r us to buy a baby shower gift for this weekend. we needed formula too, but they ddidn't have a cheapo brand there, so then we had to go to sams and buy formula. then we had a snack, quite frankly i just needed to SIT. the girls were really good and amelya has been dry dry dry! yay. she has been doing one and two on the toilet now too. we're thinking next week will be hu hot week. she's super excited. i get my haircut this week, amelya says she wants hers trimmed. i don't know how i feel...excited to take pictures to scrapbook, but then i feel sad that her curls might all go away. she has beautiful little curls at the end of her hair. but it has never been cut and probably needs a good trim anyways. and then i'm sure my aunt will style it for her. if it happens i'll be sure to let you know. :) i just cannot believe how big she is getting. i have a little lady now. breigh has been sitting a little bit too. caitlyn still has no teeth. they have to be so close. she's chewing like crazy and you can practically feel the teeth. she's my latest teether but not by much amelya was ten months old and breigh was like nine months before they got teeth too. plus caitlyn eats like she has a whole mouth full of teeth. she loves chicken and pretty much anything we give her she eats. i've finally found a sippy cup she'll drink out of well too. so we're slowly phasing out the bottles. she's down to three a day. one in late morning, late afternoon and then before bed. this week or next i'm going to cut out the late afternoon one. then there are only the morning and bedtime one. i'll cut the bedtime one out last. plus i figured she'll be eleven months old pretty soon so i'll start mixing the bottles half with formula and half with whole milk. that way when she's a year we can just do a sippy cup with just whole milk. it's always been my goal to get them off a bottle by a year. the other two did fine, and i think caitlyn will have no troubles either. i don't know if is a big deal or not i guess, but at the daycare we always had them off the bottles by a year, and they don't need a bottle after that anyways in my opinion. a sippy cup works just as well if they need something to drink. plus it's starting to teach them a little bit of independence when they can hold it by themselves and feel 'big'. i dunno.

today we're going to gage's house. a day early this week, but it works out better today for all of us. then tonight we're going to shaun's mom's house for bean soup. which i do not eat, and i'm sure the girls won't either, so we're going to bring something for ourselves. shaun and his mom and sisters like it. it'll still be nice to all get together. and they're used to me not liking a whole lot of different food.

saturday shaun and i are having a date night again! two weeks in a row?! what!?! we're going to the timberrattler game. a minor leauge baseball team. we got the tickets for referring people to the chiro...so they were free. they have fireworks after the game and i think shaun is excited about seeing some fireworks...then his comment was after i told him about the fireworks, 'we can come home and make our own'. boys. "it" is seriously all they think about. i know it. well maybe not all they think about, but i think a lot more then us girls.

well i think i may have covered everything. plus i need to get in the shower and find something to bring along to make for lunch for us at gage's house. til next time. be happy.

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