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Thursday, July 24, 2008

early morning fun

i was naughty. well not naughty naughty...just naughty. i didn't get home until after one this morning!! from my friends uppercase living party. you see her husband came home with some family pictures of them that they had taken, so i said okay i want to quick see those. i guess four hours later is my kind of quick. but it was SO fun to just sit and talk. at one point she made the comment it had been a long time since she stayed up late with a friend talking. me too. shaun probably has no idea when i got home, but at least he was in bed and not on the couch and probably a little more comfortable. caitlyn has been up since 640ish though...i tried putting her in bed with me to go back to sleep...but that didn't work. so now we're up. but my friend is probably up too, she was leaving for a small vaca with her brother, son and granny this morning. so i feel bad that neither of us got much sleep, and i thought of this when i got home 'this morning' i totally took up all of her and her husband's time together before she was leaving for a few days. so i feel bad about that. i tried to leave lots of times...i did! but then because i was standing i decided to sit down and chat...that's where the trouble began...lol. but like i said i had lots of fun chatting with her. it's been awhile since we've just talked, with no kids or scrapbooks around. just the two of us talking and laughing. it was fun. her party was fun too. i got something to make a gift for a birthday coming up and then a quote thing to put up by the girls' pictures. it says all because two people fell in love. i thought it was cute. and now that i am thinking of it, i so didn't even pick colors out for it. lol. i'll have to do that before she closes huh? lol.

today is the 'big day' amelya's haircut. so far she's still all for it. and i am as long as she is, and have no quelms if she decides to not to do it when we are there. it was her choice and it will continue to be that. it'll be fun i'm sure, and of course i will be taking pictures. it's her first haircut ever. seriously i've never cut anything before the other day when she had a tootsie roll caught in it.

i guess this is a bit lighter note then my last post. nice change huh? lol. i couldn't sleep at all that night. i kept thinking about everything. ahhhh...then i only get a few hours of sleep last night too. i'll be dead tired this weekend when shaun and i get to go out. but the girls are sleeping over at his moms on saturday so at least i can sleep in a little on sunday before church. we'll see. his sister's talked the other night about coming to help finish up painting saturday morning. i don't know if they really are. it'd be nice to have it finished, but no big deal either. breigh and caitlyn loved the bean soup by the way. i had chicken with some yummy bbq sauce danielle had gotten from a farmer's market. that was yummy too. but talking about bbq makes me giggle because of a story chantae and i were talking about. lol. i won't waste the time telling you all...because quite frankly it may only be funny when you're talking about it at midnight. :)

so breigh is up now. i'll go get her. and let you go from this random globby mess. maybe i'll write more when i'm more coherent. lol. sorry it's been so random. i'm as random as they come. lol. that's funny to me. only because of more laughing at midnight. lol. have that kind of day. you know where everything is funny and you can't get that smile off your face!

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