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Friday, July 25, 2008

milk in cereal.

my girls are getting bigger...and i'm getting braver. we put milk in their cereal. i know most people eat milk in their cereal but up to this point, i've been kind of scared of the mess. they both did great with minimal spilling. so this morning when breigh wanted milk in her cereal...she got it. they each had a bowl of cereal last night before supper. it's what they wanted...so okay. i think i just remember all the messes at daycare cleaning up food. yuck. i hated applesauce and rice day. or ravioli day. or any messy day. especially when i was pregnant with amelya and climbing under the table to wipe up the food. so needless to say my kiddos have been deprived of applesauce to eat by themselves...until they can eat with a spoon. i don't think it's harmed any of them. yet.

so yesterday my sister called the bridal shop. amelya's dress has been in since the 11th. they said they called amy and left a message. she never got it. what if we wouldn't have called. we would've been thinking wow it's taking forever. which i was starting too. because on the 8th when i was there they said only about a week. so i'm debating going today for amelya to try it on. we'll see. breigh was up at 630 and i'm tired so i don't know how ambitious i feel yet. but i know amelya will be excited to try it on. actually i'm excited to see her in it too.

yesterday amelya got her haircut. i'm to lazy to post pics right now. but it was just a little bit off of the ends. but last night i could tell it was a bit shorter. after carol cut it she braided it. too cute. i'll post pics later maybe. right now i just don't feel like it. amelya sat perfect for it. and i think she truly enjoyed it. how can you not?! i love getting my haircut.

last night i chilled on the couch. i figured i'd be asleep right away. but shaun got out the ice cream. so i ate ice cream and we watched a new show, flashpoint. it's a good show. has some suspense and 'action' with a little tiny bit of romance. which makes it perfect for us to watch. shaun likes the suspense and action i like the suspense and romance.

tonight no plans. that's okay. who knows what can still come up. tomorrow will be busy enough. i don't know what we'll do in the morning. but i'm assuming shaun will cut the lawn. then we have the surprise bday party and we're leaving the girls there with shaun's mom to go to the timberrattlers game. sunday will be church and immediately after the baby shower. ahhhh. busy busy. of course it's shaun's weekend off too. we're always way super busy on his weekends off. he probably doesn't feel like he ever gets a break. i think he went in early this morning too. he was outta bed before five. which usually means he has to be to work by five.

sooo i have under 100 days left to my due date!!??!! crazy. i didn't realize it until i looked at the ticker thing on here. i can't believe in less then 100 days we'll be holding our little baby in our arms. wow. wow. wow. the baby is getting bigger. i can feel it when i touch my belly. of course i try and dechipher what is what. is that an arm? a leg? maybe the butt? who knows. it's fun to poke and guess. and i love poking and the baby responds back. see before they're born we're already stimulating them and helping them learn. or annoying them. i'd like to think i'm stimulating them. i have a drs appt next friday. it's the glucose testing one too. then i start seeing her every two weeks. boy oh boy. it always goes much faster after that. yay!

well my little caitlyn is awake. so i'll go and attend to her. she loves to eat so i'm sure that is what she's looking forward to...now if only she'd get some teeth!

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