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Monday, July 28, 2008


good morning...afternoon...or evening. it's been a long time. but we had a busy eventful weekend. amelya got to try on that dress!! oh so looked so cute. again i'm to lazy to post pics. one of these days i will post a whole bunch. :) she was posing and everything. and it fits pretty decent. it'll have to be taken in up on top but probably not be shortened too much. i even tried my dress on. we couldn't get the panel buttoned in the back...but only by a few inches or less. so that means it should fit after having the baby. because i know i'll be smaller then, then i am right now. or at least have a gushy belly to move in more then my rock hard one right now.

friday night we didn't do much. and saturday it was so nice to wake up with shaun in bed. we got up before the girls and just kind of cuddled and talked together in bed. it was so nice. we played a lot in the morning as a family. because the girls stayed by doris' house for the afternoon and evening. we had to make an earlier trip then planned to appleton because shaun dropped his phone and it was completely broke...would not turn on. good thing we have the insurance on it, we got a new phone for FREE. without having to extend his contract, and he qualifies in december for a new phone if he wants one at a 'new' person rate. he really likes getting the rugged tough phones, but right now sprint doesn't have any out. so if they get one he can go get it and not worry about paying much for it. after that we were going to go look for weed eaters, ours died. well shaun locked the keys in the van. lol. so we had to call saturn roadside assistance and they came to unlock the doors for FREE! love it. i said praise the lord we didn't have all three girls with us, it was nice out, and it was all FREE FREE FREE! because of having to wait for all that we just ate before going to the game. we went to chili's. it was yummy yummy chicken tacos for me. we went to the game. all the regular seats were taken so we had to take grass seats. not too bad, just sore on the back and butt. we ended up leaving the game a little early to go look for weed eaters. but then we ran into my dad's aunt and uncle. too crazy. so we talked to them for a little while. then everything but walmart was open to look for the weedeater...they didn't have what shaun wanted. so home we went.

sunday...two days in a row we got to wake up together!! so so nice. we got ready for church and ready to see the girlies. one night away from them is long enough. i always miss checking on them before going to bed, and hearing mommy in the morning. they were excited to see us before church. breigh had a bit of a problem when shaun left her at children's church. but she got over it quick i am sure. after church i had a baby shower. so shaun took the girlies home and i went with his mom to the shower. the shower was okay. they don't play games in shaun's family. i LIKE playing shower games. it's the competitive side in me i guess. lol. a friend from high school and a friend from college who married a guy i went to high school with...were there. it was nice to chat with them at least. and then there were these other 'moms' there. i put it in quotes because i wouldn't want a mom like them. the one little girl was about a year and a half, and spilled...hardly any...water on the table...the mom called her 'you little son of a...' thankfully she didn't finish, but it still broke my heart!! how could you do that?!? call your own child that?!? and right in front of her. poor thing. the two 'moms' were complaining the entire time about who's child was naughtier and what-not. first off the girls weren't even being naughty and the one was watched better by a friend of the mom then the mom herself. i just don't understand i guess. maybe it's some of the difference of being a married mommy. i don't know. not that married mommies are better mommies, i guess a better term would be mommies who wanted to be mommies...i don't know. these girls weren't good mommies. or at least in front of other people...where you would think they would be. it was just very frustrating to see.

we went shopping for a weed eater after i got home. found one that shaun wanted. he used it last night...and i cleaned the van. it SO needed to be done. so i was excited to accomplish something. today is mom's group. then later this afternoon we're going to the chiropractor. i'm sure my back will need it after the game on saturday! lol. so enjoy the rest of your beautiful day....

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