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Thursday, July 31, 2008

short, but at least you'll know i'm still alive!

i HAVE to keep this short. i have much to do and it's already late. i'm working on putting together hostess packets for my upcoming shows. i have three in the next week. wahoo!! but things were busy here this week, hence my lack of blogging.

so amelya is still potty trained, but has found her 'sassy' side. i don't like it very much. but she's learning quite quickly it doesn't work with me.

breigh. well she's still breigh. love the kid. nothing too new with her. she seems to be growing up so so quickly though.

caitlyn STILL has no teeth. they are so right there. i want to just scratch away at the gums and let 'em out. lol.

me. i'm still pregnant. lol...and getting bigger. i have a dr. appt tomorrow so i will update about that later this weekend. because tomorrow after my appt we leave for GIRLS WEEKEND! up at the camper. should be a fun time. it always is.

shaun will be home, because after all he's a BOY and it is GIRLS weekend. soooo i'm really hoping he works on the playroom...we'll see. i am placing no expectations on him. that way if nothing gets done i won't be disappointed and if something gets done, i'll be extremely blessed!

so that's that. i need to keep on trucking on my packets and packing and and and...the list doesn't end. and of course eventually i'll get to bed!! :P

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