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Monday, August 04, 2008

weekend update

well what a weekend. in the end...it's always nice to be home.
so friday was my dr. appt. i gained another eight pounds!! i gained 18 pounds in the past two months. crazy. i've only gained a total of 25 this entire pregnancy...only...but now my dr. would like me to try and only gain ten more. ahhh. but i gained forty five with amelya..soooo i'm doing okay i think. i think being the key words. i also had my glucose test, the stuff was gross this time. i think because i had to drink it at eight in the morning. yuck. but i chugged it down and it was alright.

we left for up north after my dr. appt. we stopped at burger king for lunch and then at shopko after. i found the girls some cute shoes, and me some cute shoes and a few shirts. i know i don't need them, but hey they were on sale. i'm a sucker for sales. a big sucker for sales. so then we made it to the camper and actually made our annual kmart run. my one aunt stayed back, she said she spent too much at shopko, and then i left the girls with her. i spent some more money at kmart but more for the girls then myself. we had friday fish fry when we got back. super yummy. the girls went to bed around their normal times. i always try to do that otherwise i end up with cranky children. saturday was a super early morning. caitlyn was up at five thirty...she NEVER has gotten up THAT early. she soon woke up her sisters...who soon woke up everyone else...so it was an early morning for everyone. which meant waiting til the pool opened...was long...but it opened at we went swimming. my amelya is jumping in all by herself AND going under. she was 'swimming' back and forth between me and the steps too. i would like to get her in swimming lessons, but there aren't any close to us, and i don't feel like driving a half hour for a half hour of swimming lessons and then driving again for a half hour. we'll see. i also had my party saturday. it was pretty successful so far. she hasn't closed yet. the rest of the day we lounged around, the girls went swimming again and we ordered pizza from weasels.

sunday was early again, but not as early as saturday. i feel that camping is no excuse for missing church. so we always pack up early and head off to church. i was kind of bummed because shaun was home and then five minutes before we got home he got called back in to work. so i had to get all of us unpacked out of the van and feed the girls some more and get to church by myself. but praise the lord, shaun was able to get to church a little late. when we are obedient we will be blessed. i also want to show my girls that we can't find excuses to miss church. because there will always be 'something' that we could do instead. but church is important. important enough to get up hours earlier then normal and drive the hour home to make it. we didn't do too much after church. i worked on organizing the play room a bit. shaun helped his uncle this weekend, and didn't work on it, or anything else for that matter. so we're almost done. i just have to move a few more things around. finish painting. then get the carpet in and VOILA toys in and it is done. i am having a purse party now. so it needs to be done by september 11th. we have a little over a month to do it. and we will. well we have too. we have no choice.

today was mom's group. it was another nice day. the kids are starting to play together really nice. my friend also told me about a nice big deal she found on the cricut expressions. now i've secretly been wanting a cricut for awhile now. so i called shaun to see if i can get it. and he said YES!! my friend and i want to start making things and selling them as well with the vinyl you can buy. so keep us in prayer and see if that's what god wants us to be doing. so we'll see what god has for us. because his plan is always always greater.

well that's all for now. amelya wants to play a game i bought for her. little does she know it's an educational learning computer game and she'll learn something. sneaky mommy. :) so later my friends hope this wasn't too boring.

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