i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


i've hit the uncomfortable stage. you know the stage where you have to wake up to roll over in bed at night and practically move mountains just to get over to the otherside, which ends up not being so comfortable and you roll back over on the other side anyway. this is the most not fun part about being pregnant for me. my back has been feeling pretty okay. still some pain, but i know minimal compared to what it could be. and i have yet to have to get up to go to the bathroom during the night! that's a bonus...i have to walk all the way downstairs to do that...lol...i don't like going downstairs to go to the bathroom.

yesterday was a pretty good day. we stayed home. i got the weekend wash done and the kitchen picked up and the living room is staying relatively clean. the dining room....that's another story, but until the playroom is in order, i'm not worrying about the dining room table. i worked on the playroom monday afternoon. so now all the stuff in the room is organized and put in totes, boxes etc. so shaun just has to finish the second coats of paint on the blue and green i think. really not too much to do. so maybe my like next week i could have a playroom. shaun has off this weekend, and i have a show on saturday. so he could work on it when the girlies are napping and i am gone. we'll see. again i place no expectations. i only end up disappointed. which i was on sunday when getting home, even though i said i had no expectations. but i wasn't mad that nothing got done. i was just bummed that i had the mess i had left friday and all the messes shaun left over the weekend to pick up. it wouldn't have bugged me if it looked the same. i sorta talked to shaun about it, especially when he said he was home by four on friday. he didn't do anything either he said. then i just said well boys and girls are different. like me being a girl, home ALONE, would have done something and then relaxed. i don't care that he relaxed, he deserves it, but i wish he would have done both. saturday he did burn trash and cut a little of the lawn before he helped his uncle. so he did something at least. we haven't been talking much lately. i don't know why. sunday he was home but i was just in a 'funky' mood and quiet. so we didn't talk too much, otherwise we probably would have ended up fighting. then monday he got home and i left right when he got home to go to my sister's ucl party. last night i had a show. and was gone before he got home. and he was sleeping both nights when i did get home. although last night he talked to me a little bit. and he actually cuddled with me in bed. usually i am asleep before he wakes up enough to get upstairs and we don't cuddle at all. last night we both went to bed at the same time. i got him a card at walmart last night. maybe that'll help start us talking. that's my issue i have things that 'get to me' but just let them continue to get to me and don't deal with them. well i've now tried to stop and hopefully things can get 'unweird' between him and i again. pretty personal there. it's been awhile i guess since i've let you in to my personal side i guess. probably because i have issues sharing current personal stuff with anyone. i don't mind sharing the past stuff, that's in the past.

my friend and i are both getting the cricut expressions. super yay. lord willing they will come soon soon soon. i was at walmart and bought some 'tools' for it and another cartridge for it last night. now it just has to come. sooner then later will be nice. :) and we so want to make stuff and sell it and become multi millionaires...okay maybe not that part...but we've been talking about it. i'm going by that friends house today. breigh and caitlyn are still asleep, they better wake up so we can get to gage's house. speaking of our little friend gage. i don't know if i ever mentioned before but he was born with a heart defect. he spent the first month of his life at children's hospital down in milwaukee. he is doing good right now, but surgery will always be in his future. he had issues with his valves, so as he grows they need to replace those. well him and his mommy and daddy are doing a walk and looking at raising some money for the walk. so i am going to try to add the widget when i am done posting and if you feel led to give, please do so, if not, that's okay too, because prayers are so more important. if you want to get the full and accurate story of gage and his story check out his caring bridge site at www.caringbridge.org/mittelstaedt chantae, gage's mommy, did a beautiful job updating on gage during his time down at children's and since he's been home. i can't believe he is a year and a half already! we went down to visit them during his stay. it was a crazy experience to see all of those tiny little babies hooked up to so many machines. i can not, and truthfully don't want to, imagine how it feels to go through all of that. but whatever god has. we HAVE to trust in his plan, because it is better than our own.

so i'm off to try and add that widget thing, and see if my other girlies are awake yet...and get ready for a fun day at gage's....

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