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Thursday, August 07, 2008

correct addy

i wanted to start out and say the correct address for gage's caring bridge site is this www.caringbridge.com/visit/mittelstaedt so now you can go and get it. :0)

yesterday was a fun day at gage's. although he slept most of the time we were there...i'm beginning to wonder if he plans it. lol. caitlyn took a nap too. that was nice because after gage's we ended up having to go to the chiro and the mall so i could close a party. the girls were super good at the mall play area while i closed the show. it ended up being over 800 so that was exciting!! then the girls and i went to get them 'fall shoes' or tennis shoes. whatever you want to call them. i got them each a pair. at stride rite it is buy one get one half off....so a good deal at a store like that. i also bought the baby a winter pair of shoes. i only spent about 150 bucks. so not too bad. i think last year at this sale time it was well over 200. and that's the only thing, besides supper, i bought at the mall. so i did pretty good.

last night when the girls and i got home shaun was just finishing up the second coat of the green stripes in the playroom. guess what!?!?!?!?! they're all painted..all with second coats too. SOOO that means we can rip out the carpet and put the new carpet in and have a playroom. OHHH i am SO excited. i have a show on saturday afternoon, but shaun could work on it in the morning if he felt like it. i don't have to leave here until after noon or so. i'm not actually sure, because i have never even driven to the town where my show is at. but i'm excited for my show. it's my third one in a week. my sister and the chiro are having one for me on the 18th too. and i have to close a book show next week. so my lia sophia business is doing really well this month. i have to book two shows in september yet. the people just have to call me back. that's the frustrating part when people say they will have a show and then don't call me back. anyways.

i have to run to appleton today too. yuck. i'm getting sick of all this running around. but i have to go pick up my jewelry at my hostesses house from tuesday night. her daughters weren't home so i said i'd leave it so they could look at it all. oh well. i'll see if we can find something fun to do while we're in appleton too. i've been thinking about the learning shop. i haven't been there in awhile and there are always fun things to get and look at there. i just have to remember to not overwhelm amelya with all this homeschooling stuff...it's only preschool. but i want to start a two or three day a week lesson type thing in sept with her. just to get her in the groove a little bit. she knows all of her letters already and all the 'easy' shapes. she recognized a pentagon last night though. i was so super proud of her. and the other day she was coloring and she said mom this is for daddy. i looked at the picture, then at the top was her name. now it wasn't spelled out perfect amelya but the a and the m and the l and y and a were there. and something the resembeled an e. i just love seeing the blessings of her actually learning from ME! praise the lord. because i could not and will not do it with out him involved. breigh was matching shapes last night too. she even knew a few of the names. circle, heart, star and the others she didn't know the names, but matched the shapes. and caitlyn well she was eleven months old yesterday. WHAT!?! it's been almost an entire YEAR since i've given birth to her. YEPPERS. i can't believe it either.

on my way home from appleton i realized i don't fit in with a lot of other drivers, or at least last night. on this one van there was a really cute sticker thing that said i love my kids and had the stick figures above it. then what do i see? i hand out the window with a cigarette. i don't get it. you love your kids but you'll smoke with them in the car, they were in there i saw them. then car after car full of kids and cigarettes. am i not cool because i don't expose my kids willingly to secondhand smoke? oh i just don't understand. smoke if you want. but do you have to do it around your kids in small confined area? i don't care if the windows open...they're still getting it. okay i have issues with this. but i still just don't understand the whole point.

well i suppose. breigh and caitlyn are finishing up breakfast. amelya is still sleeping. the other two slept well past eight. that was so super nice. now i'm going to go and clean up the fruity pebbles breigh is spilling in the kitchen. yes i know i complain about smoking and my kids eat sugar for breakfast...and so do i. i LOVE fruity pebbles. ;0) later dudes.

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