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Friday, August 08, 2008

shaun, wake up

...okay the past TWO mornings shaun has still been in bed, when he should have been at work. this morning it was only a little after six. i never hear his alarm and he usually gets up. oh well. good thing he isn't required to be at work at a certain time and doesn't get 'written up' for being late. he would've been fired ages ago if that's the case. lol.

the girls were all up before seven today. not cranky though, just up. so that's a good thing! we played outside for quite awhile and then had an early lunch because breigh and caitlyn were ready for their naps early too. they were in bed and sleeping by 1045. which is fine, because this afternoon we're going to my mom's and the farmer's market. so now i won't or i should say shouldn't have to wake them up to go. at lunch caitlyn was really hungry and ate a lot. then i realized it's probably because i forgot to give her a bottle! oops. she has only been getting a 4 oz bottle now anyways. so i guess because she did good all morning without her bottle we'll cut this one out too. she's basically weaned herself off of the bottle. she only gets one before bedtime, 6oz. so we'll just keep going on that bottle until my formula is gone. then bye bye bottles. i think i could probably just give her a little milk in a sippy cup before bed and she'd be fine, but i'd rather just use up the formula i have left. i know i've said it before, but it's always been my goal to get them off of the bottle by one, off the nuk by two etc etc. and with caitlyn it's so easy because she doesn't take a nuk. amelya we had off it by two, i had to cut it and she just got mad because it was broke and soon quit asking for it. breigh basically gave it up on her own, we realized one night we forgot to give it to her and she went to bed fine, so after that no more nuk. she was well under two, i think she was around 18 months. she still had it when i had caitlyn.

caitlyn pulled herself up by the toybox yesterday. gettin' too big i tell ya! but i think it would be nice to have her walking before this baby is born. the other two girls didn't walk well until 14ish months. well this baby is coming before caitlyn is 14ish months. so she needs to be walking well at 12ish months. but then that scares me!! only a month and i want her to be walking!! what!! maybe not. maybe. oh i just don't know.

my show for saturday has now turned into a book party. that's okay. it is fine with me to not really have to do anything and still make money on the show. this weekend is also the 'steam engine show'. shaun enjoys going and we've decided the girls probably would too. i think we went a few years ago when breigh was a baby. amelya and breigh will both love looking at the tractors and steam engines. are we a hick family? well not totally, but probably. lol. i just enjoy spending time with my husband and family and if that is what he enjoys then by golly i'll be there. i'd rather go with then have him go do thing by himself, what fun is that? i don't know what else we'll do. lord willing we'll get the carpet in the playroom. shaun's sister wants him to change her oil too. good thing he's handy like that. i think our oil needs to be changed soon, i should by the stuff so he can just do ours at the same time. so i'm not sure if he talked to her about doing that this weekend or what. sunday, right now, is just church. but i'm sure something will come up. it always does. at least shaun doesn't have to work.

next week is pretty busy already. i have to close two or three shows. i also have my drs appt on thurs. i only see the nurse practioner though because my dr is on vacation. it's the same np i saw for my six week check and told that we were thinking about doing something permanent. lol...guess we're still thinking. although this time i'm sure of it. i think. no i know. i just don't see myself wanting any more kids down the road...and i don't want big age gap...like let's say in five years i want a baby...i'll have a five, six, seven and eight year old already will i want to go back to 'baby stage'. probably not. being a girl, and a mommy, i think part of me will always miss my baby stages, but i'll just have to wait 20 years and then i can be a grandma. oh my...i can be a grandma in 20 years!!! i got married a few months before i turned 21, then had a baby at 21, 23, 24 and now at 25. amelya could be married and have a baby in less then 20 years. for that matter breigh could. okay that's enough. especially because gage's mommy could be reading this and it could be him who marries and has that baby with breigh. we're not old. YET! so i will treasure this time i have with my kids while they are babies, because i know that 20 years will fly by.

well i've got wash in the washer and the dryer...and i should shower...or do something productive. have a great rest of your friday. because it is great.

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