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Monday, August 11, 2008

a long monday

i don't like the mondays after shaun has off for the weekend. they seem to go so slow. boo. i miss shaun being home all day. but i suppose someone has to work, might as well be him. we had a good weekend though. friday night we went to fleet farm, to look at work boots that were on sale, well shaun ended up not liking any of the ones that were on sale so he didn't get any. he did get a nice carhart jacket though. it's light-weight one that will be nice for fall time instead of always having to wear flannels. friday during the night was a rough night for caitlyn. she was up from three until almost four thirty just crying. we had no idea what was wrong with her. we both cuddled her a little, and i gave her some tylenol and orajel for her teeth. we think that was bugging her. but she eventually calmed down and only slept until seven. it was funny to have her wake up and crawl by my face and giggle at me to wake up. she was in a good mood too then. but we haven't had a long night like that in months!! it was weird, but i guess also some preparation for when this baby comes.

saturday we went to the steam engine show. the girls loved it. amelya picked out a cute bracelet there and breigh picked out a skidsteer. amelya also picked out a bracelet for her friend melody. we have melody and michael's birthday party on saturday. it's a princess and super hero dress up party. i still have no clue how i will dress up for that. hmmmm...if only i fit into my wedding dress...it'd be fun to wear that again. so we'll see. after the steam engine show we played at the park at the fairgrounds. then we went to walmart and then home. shaun ripped out the carpet and got the new carpet in the room, but not down. but it's getting so close!! yesterday after church shaun and i went to appleton to get the trim for the room...i forgot about the trim! we got the already primed stuff so it'll be a bit easier project. so lord willing next weekend? we'll have a playroom...who knows. but i know i am excited about having it DONE!! i know i've already said that though.

church yesterday was good too. this was my favorite thing from church yesterday...if you're more concerned about what man thinks instead of what god thinks/says then you will never 'get' anywhere with god. i like that. because it is so so true. if we're more concerned about others we're not going to do what god wants, because all too often it is not what others think we should do. take for example my decision to stay home...totally what god wanted, but i was nervous to hear what others had to say...i got over that real quick, and wham i am now a stay at home mommy to almost four!! or even my decision so homeschool, i can not and will not let what others think about it make my decision, i am going to follow god's leading and direction. because truly that's what i want for my life. to be obediant to him, because when we are obediant blessings will follow. i know for sure my dad was against homeschooling way back when we were getting married. i am not sure his stance on it now, and i can't care. i can pray that he, and everyone else, will just be respectful of our family's decision. after seeing shaun's cousin graduate from homeschool the other weekend, it was so awesome. so awesome to think i may be able to do that as well one day. i also start thinking about this earth and world and all the crazy things going on. then i know that all too soon, jesus could be coming back and none of this will matter, because we'll be in ETERNITY! did you know barack obama has been talking about one world tax/goverment or something crazy like that!?! end times? hmmm think so. the bible speaks of the end times lots, i don't know every scripture nor do i claim to be an expert, but know that it speaks of wars and rumors of wars, turn on the news people, every day moreso then ever i think we're hearing all kinds of talk. in a way it scares me, only because i know of people i know and love that haven't made the ultimate decision to truly and full heartedly follow jesus, and i know that the bible says that if your name is not written in the lamb's book of life, you will spend eternity in the lake of fire. not a place i want to see anyone in. read your bibles it is all in there. and i believe the bible to be the word of god, and we should follow what it says. we can't pick and choose our favorite 'nice' scriptures or 'curve' them to fit our life or lifestyle. god does love everyone but he also lists things in there we are to not be doing.

my cricut isn't here yet. i'm being very paitent though. i'm super excited to get it, but whenever it comes it comes. but one thing i'm getting really crazy mad about is the checks i ordered. we are ALL OUT NO MORE LEFT of checks. none. i need them. argh. i also got some more new lia sophia jewelry today. i had a whole bunch of stuff that returned and now got new stuff to replace the discontinued stuff i did have. there was more i guess, but we weren't home when the mail was delivered and the mail person wouldn't get out of the car because they were afraid of our dog. i giggle at that. he is a big ole dog, but he's harmless really. he also smiles, which can be scary. it looks like he may attack. but whatever. i'll just run to the post office tomorrow to get the other parcels. i have to close a show tomorrow too, so it'll be nice because then i can show her the other new stuff that i got.

i have my next dr. appt thursday. yay! hopefully the two pounds the scale at my mom's house last week said i gained i didn't. ahhh. i'm not too worried though, it'll all be okay. it has to be. :O) i gained 45 with amelya, so in all reality i am still 20 pounds UNDER that!! lol. my sister is coming with me tomorrow and thursday. i love her work schedule probably as much as she does. it works out nice to have someone to help me out.

so i suppose, i don't really know what else to write about sooooo i'll go. til next time.

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