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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

oh what a beautiful morning....

super fantastic early morning! breigh was up early today. i think it's because of her eczema. i haven't been able to find her lotion to put on her and she has been up early the past two days itching. well this morning i looked and it was right in front of my face. that's irritating. oh well. she has woken up in good moods the past two days, so it's a little easier to then be up before seven.

this morning we're going to my mom's house. i have to drop off a show order for someone from up at the camper. i'm also going to punch in my show i closed last night. i have had two really super great shows this month. i'm so excited! i have to close two book shows yet too. and amy and the dr are having a show next monday. so i should have a super good month. i got the rest of my exchange stuff yesterday. ohhh it's all so pretty. i love showing it to everyone too. because i cannot possibly wear all of the stuff i have. i have four cases full...and more to try and fit into them. i do not think it makes sense to buy another case yet so i will just put the rest in a tray and lay it out on the tables at the shows i have. i want to book a few more shows for september though. that way i can get bookings for after this little baby comes and not have to worry about getting back in the swing of things, because the shows will already be on my calendar. so any of my friends out there let me know if YOU'D be interested in a show for me. :o)

half hour later........yesterday was a kind of busy day. in the morning we ran to walmart to get the wrapping paper for the birthday party this weekend. amelya keeps asking every day if it's time for the party yet. i'm so excited to tell her on saturday YES!! it is!! she's so excited. i have to decide what i'm going to wear yet though. i just don't know how to dress up like a princess while pregnant. we'll see. shaun is wearing a batman tshirt. that's as dressed up as i'm sure he'll get too. for those of you who don't have the blessing to know him, he's very super shy, and would probably rather blend in then stick out. but he is fine with wearing the shirt in spirit of the dress up party. he's a good sport usually about things. last year for father's day amelya wanted to get him a pink shirt, so we did. it said only tough dads wear pink. or something like that. he wore it...only that one time i think, maybe again for bed. but at least he wore it. i always get him those 'dad' shirts for father's day. maybe one year i'll get a mom shirt...not holding my breath.

whoa...way off subject. back to yesterday. we had a chiro in the afternoon, then i had to go pick up some paper from a lady...paper i ordered almost a YEAR, yes a YEAR ago. she never once called me to tell me it was in and i had to email her TWICE before she responded back to me. SO SO disappointed and will never buy ANYTHING from her again. then in the bag when i got the paper there was no thank you, or sorry for not getting this to you. she didn't even apologize in any of the emails i got from her. bad business if you ask me. like i said i will not be buying anything from her ever again. i am excited to use the paper though. we have scrapping on friday...and next thursday so i'll get an opportunity one of those days i am sure. we're scrapping twice so we can get caught up...right...you never get caught up...but we missed last month, so we have to make up for it. maybe my cricut will come in time for one of the scrapping nights too. that'd be GREAT!! so anyways, then i closed my show. ended up well like i said before. then shaun called and said he'd be working late. so because tuesday is kids night at fazoli's i took them there to eat. they get a whole meal for only 99 cents!! so that's cheap...and i wanted breadsticks. shaun didn't get home til almost eight. but i think he's looking forward to the rest of the week, brent is off and he gets to work all by himself. next friday we have a wedding, shaun took off the entire day. yay! he's looking forward to a day off i think. well an extra one. he has to work this weekend, but we are also busy both days after too. we have the birthday party saturday all day, then we're doing church too because we'll all be around for the party anyways. then sunday we have shaun's cousin's college graduation, which by the way i didn't even know he graduated. oh well. so busy busy busy are we. lord willing nothing will go wrong and he will be able to get out of work for both days.

oh...today i know is wednesday i also know you're thinking why aren't they going to gage's? maybe not. but anyways he has a drs appt today with his cardiologist. so keep that in prayer before 1030, and after too i guess. he'll get his next mri scheduled then find out after that IF or when he needs surgery. because we know god is good and can totally heal him. and i realized too i didn't put the site right last time either it's supposed to be www.caringbridge.org/visit/mittelsteadt for real this time. lol. i put in .com last time.

so i dunno, but my computer is working SUPER FAST today. our internet is usually super slow. maybe sprint got better coverage now and now we get the high speed with our wireless. ohh super cool. EVERYTHING is working fast. oh this is NICE! so i suppose i will go. i have to get ready to go to my mommy's house. ta ta ta...

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