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Saturday, August 30, 2008

the potty wins every time...

lol. okay well this morning started out as...an interesting one. and this may be by far my most amusing post. well to me. i woke to oscar (our dog) barking like crazy outside. usually that means someone he has no idea who it is...is here. and then i figured they were here to cut hay. it's that time again. then i heard beeping. then i figured i had to pee anyways so i might as well see what in the world is going on at my house at six thirty AM.

so i go down and see a tow truck with shaun's truck on the back. for a split second bad thoughts run through my head...then i see shaun walking up to the garage. WHEW! prayer answered right away. then i went outside. looking might beautiful i am sure. shaun needed a check to pay the tow truck. 105 bucks. not bad...if he had towed him further then down the road!! silly. so anyways you wanna know why shaun's truck had to be towed don't you!?! well sit down for this. or stand. i don't really care.

he hit a port a potty. yep that's right. a port a john. a portable toliet. whatever you call it wherever you're from that's what he hit. for clarification purposes...it was a tan one (not the bright blue ones you normally see all over-good thing) and it was laying so he could only see the bottom end of it. he thought it was a box. and said after he hit it...it wasn't just a box. really? lol. now normal people may not just hit a box either even if they thought it was 'just a box'. well my husband is 'country big tough guy like' and will hit a box. boys. so then he tried calling me...i didn't answer..didn't hear my phone. so then he figured he'd better call it in to the police, only he doesn't have the non-emergency number...so he had to call 911. to tell them he hit a port a potty. i know. quit laughing. i think it's hilarious myself. i tried not to laugh at him when he was home. he took the van, so i told him not to hit any pottys with that. he was in a good mood about it. but i fear the fun making he'll get at work. after all he had to call in and say he was going to be late. and he told the guy what he did.

right now he thinks 'all that's wrong' is the brake line blew out, the grill is broke, a light is broke and they had a hard time starting it so possibly the altenator. (totally spelt that wrong sorry) i didn't understand the brake line blowing out. he said well maybe it was going to go and by slamming on his brakes it blew it. so i am so praising god right now for having it happen and keeping shaun safe when it did. he could've been trying to stop at a stop sign and had that happen and boom...worse things then port a pottys could've happened. so see how god works everything out. even crazy embarassing ones.

he did just put new brakes in his truck though. after having to go up a curb at our friends house to stop. god truly protects him in that truck. we could totally get a 'new truck' for him. no we couldn't. but if we could we wouldn't. this truck is paid for. so a new truck means...new payments. and more insurance. so i tell him, he is running this til it dies. and it is still alive. now it just won't have a grill. and he can fix the brake lines. praise god for handy husbands once again. he does all the work himself and saves us money.

now we're just waiting to see if the company who owns this poor wrecked potty, will cover anything. the cop figured it fell off a truck, because it wasn't there when he was sitting on the road waiting for speeders a half hour earlier. so it's the potty people's fault kind of. shaun should've not 'hit the box'. but that's just details. so we'll see what happens. all i care is that shaun wasn't hurt and no one else was hurt...and i know you're wondering...i was...the potty was empty. believe me this story would take a new level of hilarious if shaun's truck was covered in poopy. lol. i laugh only because he has changed diapers for almost four years now and still gags. imagine it all over his truck. he he he.

alright, enough making fun of my poor husband. last night we went to zales to do my ring. ohh it turned out so pretty. we went a little bigger for the center stone. and it looks beautiful. i'll just put up the after picture so you can see how it looked. before it the center stone was just a bit smaller. then what we did with that stone was turn it into a necklace. ohhh i love that too!!

i can't get a decent picture. i don't know. but there it is nonetheless.

and that's the necklace. i love how that turned out. and the silly pic wouldn't turn for me. oh well you get the point. and maybe you don't even care! lol. i also took a belly pic. so i'll post that next, then go into the details of my dr. appt.

i feel like i look super big in that picture. well i may be. i gained FOUR pounds. in TWO WEEKS. so now i can only gain five more pounds...in the next eight weeks. hmmm. part of me thinks i'll be over the 35 pound gain. i can't help it. i don't over eat...too much. i'm not going to starve myself. so i'll gain the weight i guess. i saw a different dr too. he was SO nervous. i know he's a newer dr. so maybe that's why. mine was off delivering a baby. but he seemed nervous, maybe it was my beauty. (gag) lol. but he measured me. i'm 31 weeks today...i measured yesterday at 34 weeks. he also said that baby was head down, not that it matters much now. but it's crazy. i've never measured three weeks big before. it's always been two. but i guess this is my fourth baby. so what can i expect but a big baby right?

well all three girlies are up now. amelya and caitlyn just woke up. i've been writing this blog for an hour or so. it's nice though, because you have NO idea when i stop and leave you 'hanging'. but i always come back.

i had a super weird dream last night. i worked at mc donald's. and all i remember is getting ketchup all over myself. yuck. i don't care for ketchup all over me. blech. it makes me want to gag right now. so i'm done sharing my dream.

i figured since this blog is a proud mommy of four...i should share some new pics of the girlies. so i'll post some. i've spent most of this post rambling about myself....sorry.

amelya at the beach last weekend

breigh and daddy splashing...never mind shaun's hick/farmer tan...lol..when he saw it in the pictures he asked me if it really looked that bad...i was honest and said yeah kind of. :p

i know you're wondering why she doesn't have a suit on. well i forgot it. and then i realized that it wasn't even at my house because i forgot it at the birthday party the week before. so there. a shirt works. :)
here's an attempt at a family picture. shaun's mom and sister took a picture at the same time. everyone but amelya is looking at doris' camera. lol. oh well. next summer we'll try to add another one in. ;)
alright i'm going on super long post today. and the girls need to get dressed. and i need to put the labels i printed actually ON the invitations...bet you didn't know i was doing that too.
so til next time...watch out for those crazy port a pots! (by the way shaun also called me during this and said he's going to start driving with his brights on!! lol!!! too too too funny. it didn't even cross my mind it was still a little dark when he was going to work...the story makes a bit more sense when you get the details...all of them) he he he he he.....

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OK that really IS pretty funny! :) You'll have to let us know if the porta potty people get in trouble... and then try saying "porta potty people" 10 times fast. LOL My kids are cracking up over here!

Your ring and the necklace are both BEAUTIFUL!!!!

The Johnson Family said...

Thanks for a good laugh this morning!

WheresMyAngels said...

Okay that is way too funny! Never heard of anyone hitting one of those!! lol

And at least you have a reason to gain weight, I gained 11 yes 11 in two weeks! Grrrrr