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Thursday, August 28, 2008

tired thursday evening....

i am so super tired. i have so super lots of work to do. i am actually in the process of typing up the address labels for the shower invites. i figure it's easier to type them all up instead of write them all up. it's just lots of work. there is about 80 invites to do. i also have to do a list for a show in the next few weeks and i have to write up some thank you notes. and i'm tired. i really just want to go lay on the couch and close my eyes. but i can't. a mommy's work and a maid of honor's work i guess is never done.

today i went to a lady's house to buy some scrapbook stuff. and buy did i! i found her posting on craigslist...love that site...she seriously had thousands of pieces of paper...i bought 300 and you would NOT guess it. i also got two more cartridges for my yet to arrive expressions, some eyelets, stickers stickers stickers, embellishments, and other random scrapping supplies. i could NOT believe the supply she had. i did good with spending...and she charged half price for everything. did i mention that it was all brand new?!? she has her own store in her basement. if you live close to FDL then you should SO go to her house. she's leaving it up for a week yet. crazy. amelya also enjoyed playing with her daughter and i think we just may end up there again for a play date or two. she was really super nice too. plus last night i went to archiver's. so it's been a scrappin' buyin' kind of few days. i was buying stickers for my sister's invites. plus we went to the mall and she bought grant's ring. i think it fits him. i also think she should've gotten a different one, but being my cheap sister she went for the original one grant picked. :) i'll admit the other one was like four hundred dollars more, i probably would've done the same thing.

tomorrow is a dr. appt. hopefully i've done good on the weight issue. i truthfully have not weighed myself since last time. i really don't care too much either. i'm not trying to gain tons of weight but i'm not starving myself or not eating either. it's just to the point that the numbers start seeming scary, i just have to remember that i am pregnant. and well, weight gain happens.

shaun and i are going to zales tomorrow. i'm excited. we're going to look at getting a little bit bigger diamond for my wedding ring. not replace the ring, just the center stone. it'll be my anniversary present. a few months early, but the guy is there tomorrow and does it right in front of you. we'll be married five years this year, so that's why we're looking at doing it. it's a special kind of anniversary, not that they all aren't. but one worth buying a little extra. now i just need to think of what to buy for him. i don't have any ideas yet. but i'm praying about it and we'll see where god leads. plus did i mention we're going to mn for a wedding in october. we're going to use that to celebrate our anniversary as a little get-a-way. since i'll have the baby only a few weeks before our actual anniversary we thought it be nice to get some alone time before the baby comes. can't do a whole lot for a long period of time with a newborn and a nursing newborn at that.

but i suppose. i'm not getting any labels typed this way. so til next time. maybe i'll have something more interesting to say. :0) toodles.

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