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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

money spent...

today was a spending kind of day in my world. first i went to bellybeans...then to the dance store. i only bought myself one thing at bellybeans. it is a super cute japanese weekend maternity and nursing shirt. the rest of the stuff was for the kiddos. like the kiddos need anything. but i can't resist clearance...and especially at bellybeans. i was under 250 so not soooo bad. i also bought some raffle tickets to win a petunia pickle bottom clutch bag!! i have six chances!! super yay!! the proceeds go towards the owner's cousin who has cancer. so it's a win win win situation. i already have a petunia pickle bottom diaper bag, but i must confess the new fall line has some new diaper bags leaving me drooling. so if you feel the need you can donate to the 'support my habit for designer diaper bags fund' i'm sure all of you will feel compelled to do that! ha. lol. but i must say i love my ppb diaper bag. it's very nice and has held up well so far...it better for the price you pay! i bought the kiddos some tea collection stuff that was on clearance... i love the tea collection too. especially when you can mix and match them all so well. i usually buy one or two colors of pants and then just keep buying shirts/dresses etc to go with the colored pants. it workds well!! and i can find matching outfits for all of them too. works nice.

off next was to the dance! store for the girls ballet shoes. they start ballet sept 8. i don't remember if i've mentioned that already...sorry for my lack of memory...but the price was right and i wanted to get the girls into something again. they haven't done anything since the gym closed in spring. so it's time. i bought them each their own pairs of ballet slippers and three leotards and a pair of tights and each their own 'dance' bag. amelya's is pink with sequined ballet slippers on it and breigh's is purple with little ballet slippers all over it. they both fit their personalities to a 't'. shaun even said that. i made it outta there under 200 so that was nice. the girls tried on each of their leotards and slippers to show shaun. it was fun to watch amelya practicing her ballet, and she hasn't even had a class yet. she is going to be in pre-ballet. breigh's class is just a pre-dance which will introduce a little of everything. so it should be fun. i am super excited for it to start. not too long...

shaun's working on the playroom. the carpet is almost all 'set' in place. i bought a carpet 'kicker' at lowe's today. it worked great to get the bubbles out of the carpet. have i mentioned how i love my handy husband!!??!! it's so nice to be able to do this ourselves...nevermind the fact that it's taken months to do...oh well.

i should have, well BETTER have a cricut expressions next week. yay!! chantae and i got our 'don't mess with us' attitudes today and called and texted the guy. he finally answered us and promised they'd be shipped thursday. we ordered them from www.cricutoutlet.net i don't reccomend them if you want to order a machine, it takes awhile to get. but i guess if you just order the cartridges they ship faster. i don't know. i will honestly think twice before buying from them again. the guy has handled us well so far, but i think he knows we'll keep bugging him until we get our stuff. i was expecting it to be handled better. i have my vinyl waiting to be cut, and the inks ready to be used...now i just want it! argh. oh well.

i'm feeling pregnant today, like i don't every day!! i was looking in the mirror and i though...whoa i look huge. maybe it was my shirt. i don't know. all too soon i'll be holding little baby d (dustin/dustynn) in my arms and wondering where the past nine months have gone. i'm looking forward to delivery day, yet sometimes i feel it's a little easier keeping this little one inside just a bit longer. i keep thinking this is 'it'. no more babies. i'm pretty sure this time, more sure then with caitlyn, obviously i wasn't too sure after caitlyn huh? i just don't know. but now i keep looking to find a good form of birth control that fits with my standards and morals. most of the birth control out there basically abort a baby without you knowing it. so that leaves most birth control out, even the pill and the patch and the iud and the shot...obviously condoms don't work well in this house! or abstaining, or 'watching the calendar'. lol. those are all the ones that haven't worked. so i guess what it almost leaves me to is something permanent. but am i ready to do that? i don't know. well i shouldn't say me...it'd be shaun. we've discussed that. it is just so permanent. i've been praying, that's where i've felt led. but not 'completely' led. i guess my better answer would be i have felt led to research it all. so that's what i'm going to do. research research research. and then see where god leads.

alright. i need to get off the internet. i need to type up my sister's bridal shower invites...pronto. so that's what i'm off to do. nighty night and sweet dreams.

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