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Monday, August 25, 2008

there is teeth...

caitlyn finally got her first tooth!! it is barely through, but it is there. YAY!! i haven't posted in awhile, so i have lots to blab about. i'll try to keep it to the point...try...

thursday night i had lots of fun getting a pedicure and going to the melting pot. shaun so has to take me there yet. it's so yummy. i could really just eat a whole bunch of the dessert fondues. mmmm. plus it was nice to get out with chantae and it be just the two of us. we had lots of fun. and ate lots of yummy food.

friday was a busy morning. i was so happy shaun didn't have to work. we got all the girls stuff ready and packed and headed off to appleton to drop them off at my sister's work by oneish. they were excited to go with auntie amy. we then went to kohl's to find shaun some shoes. he couldn't find his, and neither could i!! so we made a quick pit stop. he actually got two pairs of new shoes, ones are more casual shoes and the others are casual but dressy. they were on sale and he needed them. we made it to the wedding just fine. it was an outside wedding with great weather. the wedding was fine. i don't know. it lasted twenty minutes but had no real 'substance' to it. there was something missing. but what can i say i guess. the dinner food was okay. i was not looking forward to it already because of a wedding there four years ago...not much has changed. but what can you expect of wedding food i guess. we didn't stay long after dinner. not even long enough for cake! i know i missed grandma hoerth cake. shaun and i actually left and rented some movies and came home and watched most of one before deciding we were too tired to watch the rest.

saturday morning was lovely. shaun and i stayed in bed until almost noon, no kidding, and most of it was talking. ;o) because you really wanted to know that!!??!! anyways we talked about stuff that has needed to be talked about. and it was nice, no fighting, no hurtful words, just talking. ahhhh. now why do we wait so long to do that all the time, all the emotions build up and in the end it all turns out okay. i'm not so good at letting it all out. but trying to get better i really am. so it was nice. but then we had to rush around getting things ready for the beach and to get the girls. we went to the beach for danielle's birthday. we enjoyed a quick lunch at dairy queen and then got the girls. i was excited to see them. one night away is enough. they of course, had fun at auntie amy's house. then it was off...back home, because i forgot the beach floaties...argh.

we finally made it to the beach and the girls had a blast. there was hardly anyone there for as nice as it was outside. all three loved the water and went in twice. the water was nice and there wasn't much seaweed...big plus. we also watched some volleyball and ate our subway. we ended up staying til they closed the beach.

sunday was a nice day. we had church then amelya and i got to enjoy some mini golfing with my sister and the girls for the wedding. it was a nice time and i even got a hole in one. whooo whooo. it was on a pretty challenging hole too. i was excited. amelya did pretty decent, but i think got bored with it after a short time. but thankfully i didn't have to pay for her. so no worries for me. we went to hu hot afterwards for supper. mmm. yummy. it's a fun place to eat at too. and of course deep fried cheesecake for dessert...who could resist. not me. especially not me being pregnant!! lol. we just chilled after we got home last night. shaun and a nice time with the other two girlies while i was gone, but did have the nerve to say he had a rough afternoon! lol. i want to know how because both of them took good naps...boys.

today was a good day. we went to the mom and pop place for mom's group. i bought the girlies some stuff. and of course they played and i had a smoothie..or two...well yes it was two. but it's made from yogurt, ice and fruit...nothing bad in that!

my back is starting to hurt. my eyes are getting dry. i'm...to put it simply...beat. it's been a long busy weekend. so i'm going to go and relax on the couch...and enjoy a brownie...or two...probably two. :o) have a super great night.

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