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Thursday, August 21, 2008

baby is a moving and i'm not a breathing

this baby must be a big ole baby. it is moving all over the place...and sometimes very forcefully...and at night i can't breath because it decides to live under my boobs. directly under them. sorry to put the picture in your head...last night i was just sitting on the couch and could not breath. in bed is even worse. i try to sit up. doesn't work. i try to push the baby back down where I FEEL it belongs...doesn't work. i basically keep taking nice deep breaths until it decides to move or i eventually fall asleep. it's scary actually not being able to breath. and this baby is going to get bigger not smaller...and i'm only 29 1/2 weeks along. whoa. that means in probably a little less then 10 weeks i'm having a baby. did i tell you how i want shaun to call everyone after we have the baby and say dustynn/dustin is born and that's it. that way no one will know boy/girl until they get to the hospital. he he he. we'll see if it happens. they've waited long enough, might as well tell them. or not. :o)

gage's house was fun yesterday. we played outside for awhile and then ate lunch. the girls and gage played really well together yesterday and caitlyn got in a good nap. and of course chantae and i got in some good conversation. that's always the funnest part. we went to my mom's house after. well i had to go to walmart and amelya wanted to stay at grandmas and i should go to walmart myself. so that's what we did. we came home and i started supper. i made a cheeseburger bake for supper. we haven't had it for awhile, but it's really yummy. all it is, is bisquick, hamburger, cheese soup and cheese. i accidentally opened a can of cream of onion though and added that too. it added more flavor and not huge chunks of onion. i don't like onions but don't mind the flavor. plus there was left overs so shaun has something to take for work then.

shaun has off tomorrow. yay! i'm actually not going scrapping tonight either. we decided to do something just as fun...get pedicures and then go out to the melting pot. it's ladies night so we can eat there for cheap. plus i'm getting a haircut today. i'll be all pampered. i'm looking forward to it all though. it's been awhile since chantae and i have done something without the kiddos and our husbands and not scrapbooked. the only thing i feel bad about is being away from the girls tonight and then tomorrow night. there is no way i could work all day and then have plans at night and not see my girls. i wouldn't be able to handle it. i'm so blessed to be able to stay at home with them. so so blessed. god has worked everything out always for us to 'afford' it. i like that.

well i suppose...i'll fill you all in on the fun of tonight and the wedding sometime. i'm not promising any posts tomorrow...so til next time be happy.

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