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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


okay i have to just tell this super crazy story about yesterday. after the girls and i went to the chiro and lowe's and once upon a child we went to burger king for supper. there was a dad and his son there too. after the girls were done eating they were allowed to play. the little boy, barrett was already playing. the dad asked how old amelya was. i said almost three and a half. he said oh him too. she was born in march? i said yep march 5th...then he said him too...well i might have been the 6th after he was finally born (dads they never know the day!!) anyways...it's the lady who was in labor with me at the same hospital!! how crazy is that?!?! so amelya and the little boy shared the nursery together..except he beat her in the weight category...he was nine eleven and amelya was 'only' nine four.

breigh threw her first two year old terror of a fit at once upon a child too. she was in the single stroller with caitlyn as i shopped. she kept hurting caitlyn by squeezing her too hard. so i told breigh if she made caitlyn cry one more time she was out of the stroller. she did. so she was out. she literally screamed as if she was being tortured and threw herself on the floor a bit too. i just kept walking and told her next time she should listen to mommy. other moms stared, and a few dads too, but i don't care. i told her what would happen, and that's what i did. i'm not going to conform my parenting styles to please the people in public. one mom did say good job for standing your ground. well duh!! i am the MOM. i will be my girlies friend, but i am ALWAYS ALWAYS their MOM FIRST. she eventually got over it, but didn't get back in the stroller. i think that's what she thought would happen once she stopped crying. nope. i said no more stroller that means NO more stroller.

caitlyn slept til ten yesterday!! i can't get over that. and how much she sleeps. she's still sleeping now and it's been almost 12 hours. plus she takes a two or three or even four hour nap during the day. her top tooth is right there yet. maybe this morning it'll be poked through. i just can't wait to see her with teeth...it's almost a year in the making. lol. she's going to be a year old. i can't believe it. a whole year.

i told shaun yesterday he has two weeks only to finish the playroom. i'm having a purse party the 11th. and i booked a show for the 10th that means the house has to be CLEAN on the 9th. so we need to get a moving. this weekend is full of busy busy stuff, next weekend is labor day weekend...and the fair...and shaun has to work next weekend. but i trust we'll get it done...even if it means working working working on the 8th. lol. that's usually how it happens here.

today is gage's house. i can't believe it's wednesday already. these weeks are flying by. all too soon i'll be holding another baby in my arms. wow. but that's okay i'm getting ready for that. four kids. crazy. crazy. crazy. crazy. four crazy kids. lol.

alright gots to go. have a good sunny day.

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OK what a cool encounter! BTW, March 5th is my birthday too. GREAT day to be born! :)