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Friday, August 15, 2008

short because there are presents to wrap

only a few minutes to write...amelya is being paitent in waiting for me so we can wrap the gifts for tomorrow.

yesterday's dr. appt went well...only gained ONE POUND. i was super happy about that. now i see my dr again in two weeks. i can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. this little baby lays up in my lungs at night though...i have a hard time breathing laying in bed when this baby is up there. last night i had to sit up and try to push the baby down so i could catch my breath. it is very uncomfortable and a new experience for me during pregnancy. but i've been sleeping with a pregnancy pillow for the past while and my back has been feeling so much better. thanks chantae for borrowing it to me...

amelya and breigh have been fighting like crazy lately...i don't know what to do! shaun says they're just being girls. i say can't they wait a few years...like 30 before doing this...

caitlyn's tooth on the top is ALMOST through. argh. i just can't wait to see her little toothers finally pop out.

i closed a lia sophia show yesterday. a book show that was over 800 bucks! i made almost 250 bucks for a half hour of work. :o) like that!! i've been having a good month with almost 3000 in sales. i'm super excited because then i earn a gift certificate from the company for 150 bucks. i'll save that for the new book in februray. i'm still looking to book some shows in september. i don't like though that i've called a couple of people like three times and say please call me back either way so i don't keep bugging you...and they don't call. argh. and it's people who say they want to do shows...don't tell me yes if you really mean no. i booked two shows this week though for september. so two more would be perfect. the special is buy two get four at half!! anyone interested?? let me know. seriously. my site is at www.liasophia.com/apopp i'm also looking to book one or two shows in october then book shows til december. if any of this sounds interesting plesase let me know. i'd totally appreciate your help. plus i'm giving thank you gifts for only five bucks instead of fifteen!! that's a great deal!! :0) okay enough with my business talk.

amelya is still waiting...so i'm going to go spend time with her instead of you...sorry...she's a bit...well a lot more...important to spend time with...til next time...aap

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