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Monday, August 18, 2008

good times

this weekend was a lot of fun. friday night i had scrapbooking, got a few more pages done in caitlyn's pregnancy book. and of course lots of talking with chantae and sherry. we didn't leave until after midnight!! i was worried breigh was going to be up early...but she didn't get up til sevenish on saturday...

saturday was the BIG DAY!! the birthday party. amelya had been waiting this for an entire week. she was excited. the morning was full of busy busy busy things. i got the girlies all fed and a load of wash in the washer and dish washer they all got baths. baths are a lot of work by yourself when you're pregnant and have three kids in one tub...but i managed. i wanted breigh and caitlyn to have a nap before the party so i fed them an early lunch and off to bed they went. shaun got home a little before noon from work. my plan was to be at the party by one. well as i've said before my plans are not god's plans...we were at the party by two. we were having pudgy pies for our supper meal at the party...i went to sherry's house to get a pudgy pie maker...and then said oh no i forgot the stuff at home to make the pudgy pies...so backwards we went to get the stuff...but we made it to the party safe and sound and had a blast. the kids played some kid games and jen (melody and michael's mom) had gotten a huge goody bag for the kids for a prize. it was filled with tons of stuff and the girls loved it all. amelya won pin the tail on the donkey....she almost had it exactally right on. we had church too. it was so much fun sitting outside in the sun and fresh air taking in god's word. trying to imagine if this it how it was 'back in jesus' day' just hanging out outside sharing and talking. after church was pudgy pie supper time. it was good, i just had a pizza one. shaun had never had one before, and he enjoyed them as well. the rest of the afternoon was spent fellowshipping and having fun. and....i played volleyball! i know. they have a sand court in the backyard so i figured i could do it. at first i didn't trust myself to not be too aggressive...but i wanted to play so i gave it a shot. shaun even played....and we all had a blast. it was so much fun. there's a spirit of competition, but not one that goes mean or overboard...just fun. the games were filled with laughter and tears from the laughter. it never once mattered who won, and i don't even remember how many games i won or lost. see it didn't matter. i missed a few balls though, but only because i'd have to dive to get them. my team didn't care either. i haven't played volleyball in a long while but it was fun. i know i've said it was fun a gazillion billion times...but it was. i love the small church fellowship. i love that we all know each other and all can joke with each other and have...you guessed it...FUN!! everyone supported each other and was encouraging each other...even from the opposite teams! :o) we stayed unitl ten. while we were playing volleyball the girls were running around and playing all over. jen had bought those cool light up bracelet things and gave the kids them...it's so easy to keep track of your kids in the dark that way!! amelya and breigh had lots of fun with melody and michael. they swam in the kiddie pool/slide and played in the kiddie tent and swang and amelya and breigh were making up princess stories. melody just turned seven and amelya is three and a half almost...but they play together perfect. and actually melody was overheard telling amelya that she was her best friend. how cool.....

sunday morning was nice...breigh slept til eight thirty!! that was nice. then amelya was up around nine thirty and i finally woke up caitlyn at ten. we had a good morning and shaun was home a little before ten. we had the graduation party yesterday too. but again we wanted naps for the girlies, breigh ended up taking almost a three hour nap before and caitlyn's was shorter but a good nap. the graduation party was nice and they had a soft serve ice cream machine set up. the ice cream machine was a big hit with the kids..and adults too. especially since it was so warm yesterday. the girls had fun playing around with the extended cousins. in a big family like shaun's there is almost always someone there your age. the girls have really taken a liking to nadia. and nadia seems to enjoy them. she's about two and a half, so right in the middle of them. they were playing hide and seek with the older cousins too...it's nice to see them all playing together. shaun's family is so super huge but it's nice that most all of the time it's always a fun happy time. even if there would be something going on in the family i don't think it'd ever be brought up in front of the entire family. friday is the wedding in the family too. i'm excited to wear the dress i bought, i've purposely not worn it yet...do you know how hard that is!?!?! lol. shaun took the day off too...he's looking forward to a four day work week. allthough it started out early today at 430. something broke in the parlor and it can only be fixed at certain times when they aren't milking cows. which is only for about an hour in the early morning and a half hour in the afternoon and later again in the evening.

i have a show tonight. amy and dr. jamie are having it. i'm looking forward to it. shaun is getting done 'on time'/early so he can be home with the girls and i don't have to find someone to watch them. my mom is riding to the show with me. that's nice to have someone to drive with and keep me company. i really do not like driving at night but i deal with it, can't sit in the house all the time. and i figure the only fear i need to have and should have is the fear of god. it's the only fear we need.

i'm getting really anxious for this baby. i need prayer for that. the bible says be anxious for NOTHING...i know that is sometimes hard to do, but i try not to be. and this baby is getting me anxious. i think because it's getting so close. soon i'll have four little ones to take care of. by myself. all day long. i know i can do it. then i wonder already how this baby will be. each of the girls got progressively more content...will this one be too? or will this one be the 'one' the 'one' that if you'd have it first you'd be likely to not have anymore....see how crazy this is. so i'll be anxious for nothing, but in ALL things with prayer and supplication let my requests be known to god...and that'll keep that stinkin' enemy out of my head. it's him who puts all these anxious thoughts around me. get away stinky thoughts of stinky bad stuff.

allright...today is mom's group so i need to wake up caitlyn so i can get moving myself. then i have to remember to let out my mom's dog...better tell amelya she's good at remembering for me. have super good monday.

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