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Saturday, September 27, 2008

freddie and spot...

we have two new family members. fish. freddie and spot. amelya's is freddie and breigh's is spot. the girls won them today at octoberfest. it was kind of nice actually all you had to do was put the bobber in the bowl and you won. it cost me four bucks for the two fish, so hopefully they'll last a little bit. we made a trek to wally world and got 77 cent bowls (from the craft section, i was not about to pay six bucks for a 'fish bowl') and some decorative stones and auntie danielle bought them some stickers to put on the bowls. the girls love it. i'm not going to love cleaning out spot and freddie, but they're happy, so i'm happy. :)

we went to octoberfest in appleton with shaun's sister. we had a nice time. and ate some yummy food. i go for the food. next year hopefully i can find someone to watch the girls. it'd be easier to walk around the craft stuff without them. it'd be easier not pregnant too. which i also do not plan on doing for next year. or the year after that. i'm 'done' with this pregnant thing. i truly feel god is telling me that too. i don't waiver at all. i feel 'done' and complete. soooo that means shauny boy has to call the dr. because then it'd be official. ;) whatever god leads.

tomorrow we have church, a dinner after, and then we're going to shaun's sister's for supper. his other sister has a boyfriend who is crazy and wants to meet her family. so we're meeting this said boyfriend tomorrow. it'll be interesting. very. i'll be sure to let you know.

i'm tired. big suprise. and caitlyn isn't wanting to nap. so i'll go for now. have a great rest of the weekend...

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