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Friday, September 26, 2008

Dr. Appt and other things...

well my dr. appt was yesterday...because you didn't already know THAT! baby d was a stubborn little baby though. we didn't get any face shots of the baby. because baby decided to cover it every time the lady tried. and she did try very hard. i think she felt bad because we couldn't get any. oh well. we got one, that i have labeled, because otherwise it may be hard to see.

do you see it all? The umbilical cord is covering right over baby d's little eyes. and of course the rest of the face is covered by the leg, foot, and hand. I just couldn't believe how this baby wouldn't move for anything. It was still a lot of fun to see this awesome miracle God is creating inside of me though. I don't know how anyone can NOT believe in God after seeing that. i mean there's a HUMAN BEING growing INSIDE of me!!??!! it's all just very crazy to me. baby d weighed around six and a half pounds. but my dr. said she thinks it may have been off a little bit and that the baby actually weighs a touch more than that. she also figured by delivery time baby will be around eight pounds. so a good size little baby without going over board like amelya did.

after the appt i picked up the cute clothes and tights i got from that lady off of craigslist. i love craigslist. i have yet to sell anything on there, but have bought a few times. mainly it's been clothes. the lady yesterday said it's much easier then having a rummage sale. so it gets me thinking about doing that instead of taking the time to do a rummage sale...we'll see when the time comes how ambitious i am.

then we went to culver's. it was around five so we decided to eat supper. originally i just wanted to go because my sister was talking about a banana split, and then that's all i could think of. so we ate supper first and then i had my banana split. mmmm...yummy. i bought bananas yesterday. to up the potassium...but i don't know if i can bring myself to eat them. when i was pregnant with caitlyn i ate a banana. i sneezed. then i puked. so all i can think of is the banana taste coming up. i'm fine with banana splits, just not plain banana...so i guess i'll just have to eat four or five banana splits til they're gone...that never hurt anyone.

today we have nothing planned. but amelya asked me to go somewhere because she wants to go bye bye. well i don't know where she wants to go and i told her when she does to tell me. i kind of like just staying home today. we do have to go get ernie later though. we're dog sitting for my mom and dad this weekend. we haven't done it in a while and it's really not a big deal to me. he's a small dog and pretty much lays around.

the girls are fighting right now. ahhh sisters. they'll be over it shortly and then love each other. see look at that they're done. yay. caitlyn is still being a sleepy head. i wish they all were today i'm tired. i feel crabby. i hate feeling this way. so instead of going on about it, i'll stop. so til next time....have a great day...

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