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Thursday, September 25, 2008

my leg still hurts...

yesterday's leg cramps turned into tight muscles since yesterday. boo hoo. i know it's probably because i don't drink enough water, actually i usually don't drink JUST water, it always has something in it. and of course low potassium. so today when i go to walmart, i'll buy some bananas. i didn't get any actual cramps while sleeping last night, so that was good. and i prayed that IF i did, shaun would be home to help me.

yesterday was a good day. a friend of mine came over with her girls after story time. she had a 'crafty idea' to make with the girlies and thought our girls would like to do it together. we just made pinecone bird feeders. the girls all liked it, and of course tasting the peanut butter also. lol. it was nice to get together with them. i used to watch her older daughter before i had caitlyn. she is the same age as breigh and i know that they enjoy seeing each other. her younger daughter is just a baby so she just hung out wherever. after that they left breigh napped and stayed asleep after i left to close my show.

my show. it ended up being over 1800!! yay!! i was so excited. it was all worth the two trips to depere and back. the lady got tons and tons of free lia sophia jewelry. i gave her 50 extra for being my top show and lia sophia was giving away 100 for 10 in september. plus she got 40 percent in free. over all she ended up with about 900 in free stuff. awesome, right? sorry to go on about that, but i am still super excited, and boys like shaun don't appreciate the crazy excitement over that!!

today!! is my ultrasound. yay!! i'm super stoked (notice how i kept out excited) for my appointment later. i also found some cute outfits and tights for the girls on craigslist, so i have to go pick those up too. over all it is bound to be a wonderful day. but truthfully what day isn't. god is good all the time, so each and every day is good.

but i suppose. i really don't have much more to babble about. and my leg is falling asleep now...til later...because i will TRY to post the ultrasound pics...i promise...i will TRY...

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