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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

leg cramps hurt.

ouch. this morning i was rudely awoken by a foot cramp that led to a calf cramp that led to a thigh cramp...that was basically a whole leg cramp. ouch ouch ouch. it hurt like absolute crazy. i prayed my way through it. but then couldn't get back to sleep. so here i am. i've sent out a few emails of our pics from last night and figured now i could quick blog. don't forget to look at the pictures from last night though. they turned out so nice. the link is here again:


but you can read the rest of this first!! lol...or come back...i know you're dying to know what i'm thinking today...

i must say all this week i am already thinking about what to say that i 'didn't do'. i like the not me monday thing...look down to monday if you don't know what i'm talking about! then i also remember a whole lot of things i 'didn't' do that i could've put on mondays list. it's fun. you all should try it next week.

so pictures last night went well. the girls were good. we didn't have pictures scheduled til 7, but we got there early and got in actually. we were done with pictures by 740. but then it took til 8 to get them so we could see them, and then til 9 before i made up my mind on all of them. a worker at sears had to walk us to the door because sears was closed. i hadn't eaten much of a supper...so i was hungry too. the girls were getting antsy...i know after 2 1/2 hours they'd get antsy! lol. so we stopped at wendy's on the way home. the girlies were up and enjoyed some fries and shaun and i ate some supper in the van. we got home late. but i of course put the pics on the computer first.

today is story time. after story time i don't know what we're doing. maybe nothing. which is fine. maybe going to my mom's. who knows. we'll see what happens. all i know is that the past two days has been super crazy busy. and the rest of the week is like this too. tomorrow is my ultrasound. oh yay! i am so excited for that, and excited that it is already tomorrow. too bad i have to wait until the afternoon for it!! so i'll have to try and post pics of that. we don't have a scanner, but i can figure something for my blogging buddies. :)

the baby is running out of room i think. well i am running out of room. my hips and ribs have to be bruised from the inside. i probably look like i am having a seizure sometimes as much as i jolt around from the moving and kicking. i can't believe it. it will be fun to see if this baby is as active after it is born as well. it better be. lol. either that or it will learn to just chill, because of all the other commotion going on around this place. i'm getting super excited to meet this baby. and i'm continuing to pray to not get anxious. anxiety not good. not good not good. i just am getting excited to finally see this little person on the outside. and tomorrow god's blessing me with that. and then in a few weeks after we'll get to meet our baby d. and you'll find out if it's a girl baby d or a boy baby d. :) i know you cannot wait. we also aren't going to share our induction date with people. i know we're mean! but i think it will be nice to surprise everyone when this baby comes. we've always told everyone when we'd be having the baby. so now everyone will be surprised. except for the one person who is watching the girlies that day. ohhh i love the excitement!!??!! or is it the control?! mmmm...both. he he he

so okay...i think i'm done. i don't know what else to write about today. i know you're even more surprised i have nothing to babble about! :) so til later or tomorrow or the day after that...

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Ashley said...

last night i dreamt that after your pictures you ended up in the hospital and had the baby and it was a boy and his name was dustin t_____ (can't remember the middle name, but know that it started with a t) and there were pictures of shaun and he had this 'finally' look on his face. weird, i know, but thought i'd share... was my dream right or at least close, lol, jk! btw, the pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!