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Friday, September 12, 2008

gotta hurry...

i have a quick minute, by myself, early this morning, so i figured i'd quick blog. it's going to be a busy day and i set my alarm to get up early so i can shower before the girlies start waking up. and it's a good thing i had my alarm set..because shaun was still in bed when it went off...oops! he's usually at work for a half hour by that time...i think because it's a dreary day outside he must've just felt like staying in bed, well really i'm sure he just didn't hear his alarm or just shut it off and went back to sleep with out knowing it. at any rate he showered and grabbed breakfast to go in about 10 minutes. why can't he get ready that fast when i have somewhere that we need to be?? hmmmm

today is going to be busy. i have to be to town by 930 to report something for our crops. not exactally sure what i have to do really, all i know it's for the farm plan and the gov't gives us 'free money'. ha free money. not really, but it helps out. then i'm going to pick up my friend and her neice who are going to come with to my dr's appt and then we're going to the mall to eat and play. and if there is time we just may squeeze in a chiro visit as well.

i'm also supposed to have scrappin' tonight. but shaun is going to have to work late, so that
means i'm not sure if i'll get there. but miss chantae also hasn't been feeling well either. so we'll see what happens today. i plan on scrappin' at home even if i don't leave. because now that my house is IN ORDER!! (still super excited) i have a 'spot' for my stuff and can have easy access to it once the girlies are in bed. oh by the way, i've known for a few weeks, but now can spill it, miss chantae is expecting a baby! yay. i've known since day one. do you know how hard it is to keep somebody else's pregnancy a secret? it is pretty hard. i've almost wrote about it on here. just like i've almost typed, well i have, and then backspaced, what our baby is. only a few more weeks and i'll let you all know. either that or i will tell you dustynn/dustin is born. he he he he i'm still debating doing that to family when we call. just telling them 'd' is here and that's it. he he he he
i like the control.

tomorrow we have a 'distant relation' family wedding. it should be fine. just awkward for me because i know i won't know a ton of people. and well, my husband is shy. so it'll probably be an early night. oh well. shaun has to work anyways.

well i better get my butt movin' it's ten to seven so i really only have about 40 minutes (wow that's a long time) to get showered. i may even get to blow dry my hair. cool. so have a great day. and don't oversleep...

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