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Monday, September 15, 2008

not feeling creative enough to come up with a title...

well well well i am not feeling creative like i said. i did a lot of that this weekend. being creative. but let's back up a bit shall we? too bad i am anyways.

i never mention caitlyn's drs. appt the other day. she is my first baby at a year to NOT be 20 pounds. please don't tell that i already turned her seat around two weeks ago! but she's like 19 and a half...close enough right? everything else for height and weight and of course her big ole head was fine. my girls have always had big head. all of them have always measured in the 90th or higher percentile. i'm fine with it. i just don't understand it because they don't LOOK like big headed children. i mentioned her pooping issues that she is STILL having. then when her dr checked her 'down there'. he said that it looks like her anus is too close to her vagina. (if you don't like the correct terms..too bad..i'm all for teaching my kids the 'real' words and not making up silly ones...although shaun's face still turns beat red at the sound of them) sooo that means we have to see a pediatric gi dr. to see if that is the case and if she will need some sort of surgery. i originally scheduled for appleton but could not get in til december. so i called today and just scheduled it for madison, it's worth the drive, and then we can start anything that needs to be started before i have this little baby d. so keep us in your prayers my blogging buddies. i'm just so thankful that god allowed this to come to light now, and not later in life when she'd have more issues to deal with. i'll be the mommy and deal with and help her recover now. and she won't remember it. so praise the lord for drs. who can fix her, if that is what needs to be done.

baby d and i had our check up on friday. NO MAJOR WEIGHT GAIN!! wahoo! prayer answered. i love how god answers those 'crazy' little prayers like that. my dr also scheduled my growth ultrasound...for NEXT WEEK!! ahhh. it is getting so close to the end i can SEE IT! i'm excited to see little d again and to see how much d has grown since last time. my sister and i were supposed to have hair cuts, but we rescheduled for tuesday and now she can come with me. that works out nice, because i don't know how i would have done with all three girls for a 45 minute ultrasound and dr appt after by myself. so amy gets to see d too and the girls of course will. i hope i get the same lady who did caitlyn's growth ultrasound, she gave us LOTS of pictures, and even gave each of the girlies their own picture. at any rate i am excited to see this baby again. and then in mere weeks actually be holding this baby d. and let my secret if it is a girl or boy out! i've been doing really good at keeping it a secret. i'll be honest i have slipped up two times. so three people know, because once it was in front of two people. but they've kept it quiet, and no one knows who knows except for them. but i also will tell strangers if they ask. so i've told loads of strangers, so unless you stalk me, you won't find out. :0)

saturday we had a wedding. i spent friday night being all creative and using my cricut to cut out vinyl and make a plate with their name on it. it turned out so cute. then fast forward to saturday walking out of the house carrying breigh and the plate...on to our wet deck...and boom. we all go down. ouch first of all. and bummer second of all. i broke the plate. so i wrote out a check and gave them boring money instead. bummer. oh well. the wedding went well though. we didn't leave immediately after supper either. we talked...and SHAUN TALKED. to quite a few people. i was so blessed to see my husband SOCIALIZING! it doesn't happen a lot, and yet another answer to a prayer.

saturday before the wedding i spent more time being creative making cards. i made two of them. a baby congrats card, and the card for the wedding. i cut out using the paper doll cartridge from cricut, the bride and groom. oh they turned out so cute, but took awhile to do. i also bought a sticker maker...that makes life so easy. all i do is run the pieces through there and i have a sticker and don't have to worry about adhesive. so nice. at any rate both cards turned out cute and i like how they turned out. this week i'll have to work on making my sisters for her shower saturday.

we spent yesterday after church shopping for the gifts for the shower attendees and my sister. got like 50 gifts but it ends up being 20 prizes. so it should be good for the shower. my sister read this...and has promised to NOT check her registries this week...so we'll see if she knows before hand or not what she's getting from us girlies in the wedding. this week is finalizing stuff for the shower.

today we went dress shopping for the wedding for my mom. and found a super beautiful dress at macys. for only 48.00. it was regular 180! i know. fantastic. she was excited and so was i. i LOVE a good deal. :) but after two days of shopping i'm pooped. and now have to go make some supper. and i didn't even go into all the fun stuff i bought today at children's place and bath and body. or the fun day we had at the mall on friday. oh brother. be thankful i'm pooped or you'd be reading a novel. :0) off to supper land...oh what to make...i need a cook...

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