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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wednesday already!?!

i can't believe it's wednesday already. this week is going by so fast. but we've been kind of busy too. so i guess that explain the fastness.

yesterday morning was dance. it went pretty...okay. i guess. breigh was a little teary and wanted me with her, but i sent amelya in the room with her and that helped a little bit. she still cried a little but i wasn't going to 'rescue' her when i told her and showed her i was right outside the window. she was better by the end of the half hour class. amelya did great in her class too. i love watching her. she again asked to be in tap. ahhh. i explained to her it would cost lots more money to have her in two classes and the girls in tap only have one of them in class. the mommy in me just wants to sign her up for it. but the mom in me says nope. there needs to be limits. so we'll see what happens next year for dance. plus caitlyn is already sitting and waiting for an hour, i don't want to add another half hour and in a few weeks add in another baby. one thing i am irritated about is amelya's tights. she got a hole in them. i specifically bought dance tights for like seven bucks. they're nice thick ones. they should not already have a hole in them. i know she didn't do it, i'm not irritated at her. i'm just irritated i spent that ridiculous money on tights that got a hole in right away. the hole is small, she's wearing them like that until the hole is too big!

i went to a funeral yesterday too. my mom watched the girls and shaun's mom picked me up to go to the funeral. it was for shaun's aunt's father in law. i don't like going to funerals, well who does? but i know that seeing someone's familiar face helps a little bit. and i was relieved to see he was cremated. something about the open casket thing too...i just don't like it. i don't need to 'see' them one last time. they aren't really there anyway. so it was more comfortable for me. that was nice.

after that i went by my mom's until i had to leave for my show. and my show. let me tell you...she had tons of people there. and is on her track to be my biggest show ever!! i'm so excited. she had ONE LADY!! spend THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!! i couldn't believe it. i've never had anyone spend that much. i was afraid to tell her how much she owed, so i just showed it to her. her response...okay. WHAT?!? crazy. plus she booked her own party! her and a neighbor are going to do a joint party in february when the new book comes out. so i'm so excited to see what this lady's show ends up on being. she has like five or six people to get orders from yet. i'd love to have my first 2000 dollar lia sophia show. i've never had it. my biggest now is 1272. and right now the lady is at 1147. so she'll beat that for sure. yay!

today is story time. and possibly gage's house. caitlyn is coughing and we don't want to get gage sick, so i have to see what his mommy wants us to do.

well the girlies are done with breakfast...and i want to give them a bath. well i don't 'want' too. they need a bath. it's just difficult to work over this belly of mine. especially when it lives in my rib cage 99.9% of the time. drop baby drop!!!

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