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Friday, September 19, 2008

relaxing can wait for later...

well i got everything done. finally. the shower door prizes are all wrapped or bagged, the card is made, and the sign for the shower is done. good thing i have my nice cricut. the sign and card turned out cute. i really love my cricut. so much so that i bought more cartridges for it yesterday. the new michael's store opened in appleton. and they were on sale for only 39.99. regular 89.99. so yay! i bought four of them. but i used three out of the four since yesterday. so there. i'm using them.

wednesday was a nice day at gage's house. the girls and him played really well together. before we went there story time was at the library. that went well too. amelya was wearing the perfect shirt for the day all full of butterflies, and that is what the topic was. next week is bugs. which i'm hoping stays bugs, and not yucky halloween stuff. when we went shopping yesterday for the shower decorations, i couldn't believe all the scary stuff they have out. i kept the girls away from it as much as i could, but was honestly suspecting nightmares after all the gross and dead stuff they saw. i don't understand it. nope not one bit. i've gone on and on about halloween already. but i don't understand how as a parent, knowing and understanding the REAL meaning behind what halloween is about, how i could let them celebrate it. now if you don't know or understand then i see why you may think it's harmless. but it's not harmless, nor cute. argh. okay enough.

yesterday was spent doing that shopping stuff and making the shower stuff. today was...nothing. yep nothing...i love not having to worry about doing anything right away in the morning. it gives the girls time to relax and play and have fun at home. later shaun's mom is picking them up and they're going to go to her house til shaun gets home from work. i'm actually going with shaun's sister to have a 'game night' at a co-worker's house. i'm excited for that. i'm super competitive and love to play games. it should be a nice time. and hopefully not TOO late. :) shaun has off this weekend so it'll be okay.

tomorrow is the shower, finally. i say finally, because it'll be good not to have to worry about it. i've done a lot of stuff myself. mainly because two of the other girls are kind of far, and in school, and the other girl, well i don't want to divulge too much, but i'd rather just not deal with her. but they've helped how they can. so that's nice. plus it is hard for me to ask people for help. but they're taking care of all the paper products we need, so that's nice. and then the 'other girl' is coming early and bringing a finger food. i don't have much trust in her. only because she has basically not been the best friend in the world to my sister and well that breaks my trust in someone. i've told amy what to do pretty much her whole life, and still do, but i'm trying not to, and i never wanted to say...don't ask this girl. so i never did. i just asked if she was sure. well at the time she was. now she isn't. i feel bad that she feels that way. i just keep praying for everything to go well and stay civilized. and we'll all be just fine. basically we only have to deal with each other tomorrow and the rehearsal and the wedding. i feel bad though because me and the other two are closer, we're first cousins, and then my sister is close with us. but the other girl is really only close with my sister. oh well. it'll be just fine. and it's not like any of us hate each other, we all just don't know her that well. i'm fine with her, just irritated with choices she chooses to make.

choices. i've been giving amelya them. she seems to listen better when i tell her to make good choices. my sister tried it with breigh yesterday. breigh's response...i choose amelya. lol. too funny. alright well i've gotta shower. :) i love being a stay at home mommy and can stay in my jammies til noon!!

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