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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my promised update...

looky here i'm keeping my promise and going to post about the bridal shower and the other weekend FUN!

soooo the bridal shower. went well. i hate the fact that i didn't plan well enough and we ran out of punch and water. but oh well. i really can not do much about that. we made enough for two punch bowls i thought that would have been enough. apparently not! anyways...the two games i made up went over pretty well i thought. they all seemed to have fun with them. and not a lot of people got all the answers right. i was worried about that. lol. i know it's weird, but i had this crazy fear that over 24 people would all have the correct answers for one game and i wouldn't have enough prizes. weird? yes i know. amy seemed to like her gift that we got her. we got her the rachel ray pots and pans and the big oval pan to cook in. i have them...and LOVE them. so i told her to register for them, and i was super excited to get a great deal on them that i could get more then just the one set. they didn't register for the other pan we got her, but i knew she'd like it because i do. they are really nice pans. and of course i'm not partial to the fact that i was on the rachel ray show either. well not on the set on the show, but our kitchen was featured during the week of the ugliest kitchen in america...so i have some sort of connection right? the producer knew her so then it's like i kind of do too...or not...either way i'm off track. so shaun's cousin made the cake. that went over well. she did a super job. it's her dream to be grandma hoerth when she grows up...and i think she is well on her way. overall the shower was a success. and i am relieved to have it o-v-e-r over. one less thing off of my plate.

sunday after church we went to the little farmer, an apple orchard, not far from our house. they have goats and chickens to feed, a playground and hay rides. we skipped the hay ride though. it was way super busy due to the fact it was nice out and i'm sure because the packers didn't play until late. i could truthfully care less about the packers and actually wish that they would have been playing, because then i know it would not have been as busy. oh well. the girls had so much fun. they played on the straw bales a lot and loved checking out the pumpkin patch. it was a nice family day. oh and of course we could not leave with out a caramel apple. yummy yummy it was. you bite in and you don't even hit apple, that's how much caramel is on it.

yesterday was so busy. we had mom's group. then i took the girlies to appleton for lunch and the chiropractor. after that we went to the mall. originally to just buy shaun a black shirt for our pictures tonight. well i bought him THREE black shirts, i figure i'll return the ones that he doesn't want to wear. i bought the girls each a pair of black dressy shoes at stride rite. and the i bought some stuff from that dead sea salt lady at mall...truly i just love her accent and she could've talked me into anything...i think i have sucker written on my forehead. then on our way out of jc penney we saw a great sale and i ended up buying them all something there. but praise the lord not ONCE did my credit card come out. i paid for it all. yay. i'm usually very bad at using my credit card. but god has been helping me through it and by the end of the year my goal is to be credit card debt free...and keep it that way. so pray for that for our family. winter is the hardest time because we don't have crop checks coming in and only shaun's paychecks. so then i tend to use the credit card, because i seem to think i need whatever it is i want.

tonight is our pictures. caitlyn's one year...and i'm doing belly pics. i'm super excited to see how they turn out. plus i'm getting a haircut and highlight this afternoon so i don't have to worry about doing my hair, my aunt will make them look nice for me. yay! amy is going to and carol is going to do a run through on her hair.

well i'm going to go now. i've done what i promised and now am off to give amelya a bath. the other two will get one when they wake up. i figured to get one out of the way now works out kind of nice actually. :) so til next time...

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