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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

short and sweet

that's what this post will be. i've been doing super good at staying OFF the computer this morning. i NEED to get my house picked up. i am having my purse party next thursday. so that means the playroom MUST be completed as well as the rest of the organization of the house. i haven't had a 'house' since may. that's a LLLOOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGG time. way too long for me. i hate it. absolutely. today is HOT though. makes it hard to want to do anything. i'm sweating writing this. but tomorrow it's supposed to cool off and stay cooler. i'll take 70 over 90 ANY time.

sunday shaun worked on the playroom. the light is now up and functional. amelya and i put up the removable sticker bugs while breigh and caitlyn napped. she had fun. and they turned out really nice. now it's the trim work. the tedious work. shaun has one of the three windows framed out. i've debated not painting them at all and leaving them how they are. primed. i doubt that'll really happen though...but oh it's tempting!!

yesterday my parents watched the girlies and shaun and i went to the demolition derby. there was not as many cars as normal, but still fun to watch. yet i don't understand why i find it fun to watch a bunch of cars purposely smash into each other. oh well. chantae and nathan sat by us, along with two of shaun's cousin who were there. we had a nice time. it was hot though. i even got sunburned. oh well. probably the last time for the year.

caitlyn will be one on saturday! i can't believe it.

amelya and i need to start schoolish time. i think i will wait til after the busy-ness of the beginning of this month and then start working in some worksheets. she's only three and a half. so it's not by any means mandatory we start something. but i know she likes the stuff, so i might as well start a little with her.

breigh has been talking like crazy. it's amazing to me the sentences that are coming out of her mouth...i should say paragraphs. it's so fun. i love hearing breigh talk.

well i said short and sweet. so i'm going to cut it short and sweet. i don't have to much more intersting things to say. i have to get ready for our chiro appt that we need to leave for in an hour...actually less...gotta get a movin'

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