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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

handy husband

i know i've mentioned before how i love my handy husband. he has fixed his truck for under 25 bucks. we still don't know anything about what will happen as far as the porta potty people paying for anything, but at least his truck should be driveable. he has yet to drive it...good thing they just chopped our hay, he's trying it out in the field first! the only thing in the field to hit is a deer. which we saw the other night. we were looking at the hay and out of the corn field walked a deer. it was a mommy deer, she let us get pretty close til she ran off into the field and probably back into the woods. pretty soon her little corn field home will be gone though. it's hard to believe that it's that time of year for corn chopping and then soon after they'll be combining our soybeans. thenn soon after that is BABY TIME! ahhh....

i got some more junk cleaned off my table this morning before i left for story time with the girls. my super sweet sister is coming over tomorrow after work to help watch the girlies so i can get more work done. she's coming over friday too...and i'm going to do my best to stay off of the computer and get some work done before she gets here. shaun still has to do the trim work, but other then that the playroom will be finished. like i've said a thousand and three and a half times...i CAN NOT WAIT for it to be FINISHED. complete. done. finito.

i got my cricut yesterday!! super big yay!! i got a few cartridges with it and then ordered some and got them today. ohhh so much fun. i got the paper doll one and cut out both amelya and breigh a paper doll. amelya's is a ballerina and breigh's is a mermaid. they loved them. and i LOVE my new cricut. super excited to be all crafty and creative. i plan on making loads of gifts for the weddings we have this fall and for christmas...for everything. never buying anything again. okay just kidding i probably will. but i loooooooooove the cricut.

we went to story time today. it was a smallish group but fun. the girlies were super good, so that was super nice. afterwards we went to gage's house. the girlies and him had fun and were pretty good...except for the toy breigh threw at amelya....

well i suppose. i'm getting kinda buggy eyed. and my cricut could use some using...he he he. just wanna try it out before i get gutsy and cut out the vinyl to make my gifts...no screwing up then...so have a super duper night. :)

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