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Friday, September 05, 2008

it's friday...

yay. i'm glad it's friday. another week closer to baby d. and shaun doesn't have to work this weekend. even better. but he'll be working at home!! he got all the baseboard up and the register covers on last night. so all that's left is two other windows and the ceiling trim. so we're almost there. but i'm thinking today i might just start moving toys in, because he can still do the other stuff with toys in there. my sister is coming again today and it'd be nice to have another girl helping me...especially one who worked at a daycare and is anal about things like me. so we'll see.

port a potty update!! we still know not a whole lot. shaun finally just called the owners of this said potty and they said they've been having lots of trouble down here with people moving them on to the road. and the potty shaun hit was from an entire road over. so that's irritating. but anyways they also said then the county's sherriff department should be responsible then for the damage because it's their problem because people are moving them. shaun tried calling the cop again, but he doesn't call back, and any time he calls he gets directly sent to his phone. shaun's getting irritated, which is understandable. i wish people would think before they do something, i mean really hitting the potty is funny because shaun wasn't hurt and neither was anyone else, but it could've been worse. and then it would not be funny. not at all.

tomorrow is caitlyn's birthday. a whole entire year. i can't believe how fast it's gone by. she still only has one tooth, but more are right there. it will be weird to see her with a mouth full of teeth. we're probably going to go to 'crafty apple fest' in town tomorrow. it's fun and they have free blow up stuff for the kids to play on. plus i like looking through the crafty stuff...and of course they have apple stuff to eat. yummy carmel apples. oh i love fall time for that! and while we are all there shaun will stay home and work on the playroom. yay. i may just have a house back before monday. i'd love it. sunday we're doing caitlyn's party at shaun's mom's house. it was so nice to offer her house for us. then we don't have to go out to eat anywhere and she has a nice house and a newly finished backyard patio to enjoy. so it'll be nice. and then i don't have to rush before sunday to get the house in order...gives me a few days.

amelya is playing with the baby while i type this. she loves to feel where the baby is and tries guessing what she is feeling. it's fun to have her old enough to understand what it is. she also keeps saying how she wants the baby out...i say pretty soon. really it's probably under 50 days. i know under 50. that's crazy!! but i'm super excited.

breigh was up at six thirty this morning. but i tried to lay her in bed with me and see if it'd work to get her to sleep some more...it worked!! she's never been one to lay in bed with me. ever. she used to cry and say downstairs. but today she cuddled right into shaun's side of the bed and went back to sleep...yay. then amelya woke up a little before eight along with caitlyn. so that was so nice! but i suppose...nothing more to write about for now...talk to you later gators...or at least tomorrow...:)

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