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Friday, September 05, 2008

port a potty update. argh.

well shaun got a hold of the cop this morning. apparently we have to wait. yep, wait. til they catch the crazy children who are moving the port a potties. then i don't know what. probably they'll have to pay for it. so we're supposed to get an estimate on the truck and then turn that over to a detective. argh. i still think that the company who owns the pots are partly responsible for their property. but i guess they can't help that someone was silly and moved it. it's just frustrating. because i want to know who has to pay for our truck if they don't catch whoever is doing this. no one? us? blech. good thing the rest of the stuff that is wrong is minor and CAN wait. we estimated it to be around 300ish for the rest of the stuff, but that's used parts. i don't know what it'd be when we take it somewhere. silly kids. i'm just praying and trusting that god will work it all out. because he always does.

other news a friend from church had her baby today. a little girl. named molly priscilla. they already have a girl melody, and a son michael. so molly fits in perfect. and priscilla is the grandma's name. i'm sure she's a cutie. now we have to wait til our baby is born to see if she'll have a playmate or a future spouse...lol...like i said before only fifty-ish days...

i got the playroom vacuumed and toys...not all...just some...are in it! super big yay. amelya is playing in there now, while the other two are napping. now i just have to wait for my sister to come and help me get the stuff i can't move in there. ohhhh so excited. :)

well that's all for now...again...have a great super sunshiny day.

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