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Sunday, September 07, 2008

sunday night...

of a busy weekend!!

caitlyn turned one yesterday...because i haven't already been talking about that all week! she had a good birthday...in my opinion. we went to the crafty apple fest in the morning and then to appleton and out to eat in the evening. of course she didn't know it was her birthday but we celebrated it. i just still can not believe she is one.

friday night shaun was not feeling good, so nothing got done in the playroom (i love not calling it the messy room anymore!!) but saturday he finished it up. there is some ceiling trim work left to be done, but no more wood...so it'll be left for a little bit. but i LOVE the playroom. and the girlies do too. they have been playing in there a lot. last night we bought some more bookshelves and last night and just now i got all of the shelves organized with books. we bought two smaller two shelf ones and put them next to each other next to our other bookshelf. it fits nice. it's truthfully really weird to have space in my living room. i am not quite done getting everything organized, but lord willing by tomorrow night i will be. then i just have to clean up my kitchen and bathroom and i'll be ready for my party on thursday. with out having to rush around thursday!! that'll be nice! super nice!! i am too lazy right now to post pics of the finished playroom, but i promise i will...someday...maybe...

today was caitlyn's birthday at doris' house. it went well. my parents and sister and grant came over. we had tacos. mmm. they were good. and there was left overs, so i'll have no reason to not come home after mom's group tomorrow and eat lunch at home. i tend to just run through the drive thru somewhere...not tomorrow. plus i need to get better at not eating out. winter is coming, which means no crop money coming in steadily, which means we need to watch our spending some. so cutting out mickey d's now will help then.

here's a funny story of amelya today...i thought after she said it 'i could blog that' lol

a fly lands on the table

amelya: dad kill that bug

shaun: why? it didn't do anything to you.

amelya: yes it was on my straw and going into my milk...i wasn't going to drink a bug!

too cute. i love it. she's growing up so much lately. i don't have a toddler anymore, she's a little girl. good thing i've still got breigh. although all too soon i'll be saying the same about her.

shaun went in to work a little while ago. brent called and asked him if he could fix something for him that wouldn't be able to wait til morning. shaun is nice enough to do it. i don't really mind, brent lives an hour away and it'd be late before he got all the way here. hopefully it doesn't take too long. but it leaves me time to get more organization done. ahhhhh....big sigh of relief. organization. not much of it in my house. but i'm praying and continue to pray that god changes that. i don't need my kids getting my awful bad messy habits...

so i'm off to organize some more...even though i'd like to just go to bed...but when there's work to be done, and more important, time to do it...i might as well just truck on through it...so til next time my friends...

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