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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

i'm a bad mommy and friend...all in one day

ahh. well freddie (and spot) both died. then replacement freddie also died. there was a nemo instead of another spot. nemo is still alive and living now in a tank instead of a bowl. along with three guppies who don't have names, yet. the tank is small. and nice. and i'm so not looking forward to cleaning it. oh well. the girls really like it. and we put it on top of their bookshelf so they have been enjoying looking at it since last night. and nemo is finally eating, it wouldn't eat the original food i bought. fish.

so you want to know why i'm the bad mommy right. i could save it for next not me monday, but figured i may forget by then. so yesterday was dance class. after dance we always go and get a brunch. so at around 1030ish the girls ate this brunch. well at 430 amelya was telling me she was hungry. want to know why? because she hadn't eaten since 1030! ahh. none of them had. what a bad mommy i felt like. at least caitlyn had some milk in between. and i guess the girls had a few tootsie rolls at the chiropractor. but then after the chiro we went to the mall to return some things and then to burlington coat factory to look for dresses for breigh and caitlyn for amy's wedding. we didn't go to the food court part at the mall, because i didn't want the temptation of playing for them, and i didn't want to tempt myself into a big ole orange julius. ahh. well then while i was doing all my running around my friend was wondering if i was coming over. so i totally forgot that we had talked about moving our playdate to yesterday instead of today because gage has his mri today. i knew we weren't getting together today, but forgot we talked and planned yesterday. so not only am i a bad mommy i'm also a bad friend. argh. i'm so sorry to my girlies and sorry to chantae. argh. but i'm human. i'm allowed to screw up. i just hate it when i do it to others. screwing up didn't only affect me it affected a lot of others. but god forgives. and like he forgives i know my girls did and am praying my friend did too. (my girls probably forgave me because we went to fazoli's after the complaint of hunger came...who can resist 99 cent kid's meals on tuesdays)

while in appleton my friend (a different one...i know i have more than one wow!) texted me that she wouldn't be able to come to story time today because her car's rotors were wrecked and then her husband would need the van. i told her too bad shaun was busy otherwise i'm sure he'd be willing to do it. well then shaun called me and said they had to quit combining our soybeans because they were too wet. so i asked if he'd do melissa's car. he said sure. so god totally worked it out for that because he was able to fix her car last night and now she'll be able to come to storytime. breigh's excited because she loves playing with maddie. all i have to do is mention maddie's name and breigh's jumping up and down. i'm glad they have little friends like that.

i'm hoping for sunshine so the soybeans can be combined in the next two days. if not i may not be able to scrapbook friday. i just trust god will work it all out. and whatever happens will happen. we just need some sun to dry the soybeans a little bit. it'll be so weird to have them gone too. it's that time of year though. soon the fields will be all plowed. and then there will be snow on the ground...and somewhere in between there...i'm having this baby!

i bought new shoes yesterday. with all three of my pregnancies i bought myself a new pair of shoes. i hadn't bought a pair of shoes with this pregnancy and said 'these are my pregnancy shoes' so i did that yesterday. i just bought a pair of the brown fuzzy crocs. i have a pair of light pink ones from last winter. i wore them a lot. and now they are the only not flip flops that fit. my feet are fat. hopefully they get a bit less fat after this baby comes. but either way i love my new brown crocs. i used to think that crocs were ugly. til i tried them on. they may be ugly but they sure are comfy! and the fuzzy ones...oh i love them even more!!

so storytime today, and then i need to go to walmart at some point. we have NO milk in the house. i know another mark for the bad mommy award. shouldn't there just me some grocery fairy who comes and fills my cupboards for me. if there were fairies. but there aren't. none at all. so i guess it'll have to be the big ole pregnant fairy going to the grocery store and getting her own milk. me a fairy? right.

so i've gone on quite a bit. sorry. it's been a couple of days you know. and i'm sure you've found this all SO enlightening. what have you learned? i'm human. i screw up. A LOT. but GOD FORGIVES. because i screw up in worse ways then just those...imagine that...

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CityMom, CountryMom said...

The beauty of Christ is that He forgives! The beauty of mom friendships is we've "been there, done that!" Recognizing the mistakes is really humbling and after repenting we are able to strive to be better mommies (with the Lord's help of course!)
Hang in there, and have a better day...oh! and feed your kids! ;)
Country Mom