i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

weeks left...

only a few weeks left. now i'm not going to share the official date with you all, but there are only a few weeks left til baby d arrives. i CAN NOT believe it. as baby d rolls around and kicks around in my belly while typing this it amazes me.

it amazes me that god chose ME to have these babies (the ones before this one too...i'm NOT having twins...lol)

it amazes me that god grows humans inside of me. i just am floored that's all.

it also amazes me in a few weeks i'll be holding this baby on the outside. holding this baby in my arms, looking at it face, it's hands and feet, it's body...

just again standing in awe at the work of our creator. who creates everything perfect. absolutely perfect. beautiful. wonderful. even though we may not seem all those things we are, god made us that way. and in heaven we WILL be all those things. no crying. no sorrow. just plain praising and loving on our savior.

ahhh heaven.

sometimes the selfish, fleshly part of me thinks just wait a minute before you come back lord. there are things i want to do, i want to see...then i remember jesus is coming back in a quick minute (amelya said so) and how much more perfect things are going to be in heaven. nothing on this earth compares to that. nothing. not even my babies. not even my husband.


nothing at all.

god is so good. all of the time.

i did in fact find dresses the other day, while i was roaming appleton being a bad friend, and i found an outfit for this baby. of course you will not know what sort of outfit. but it was an advantage knowing what this baby is going to be, because then we could buy it an outfit and i don't have to rush around after this baby comes trying to find anything. and i must say breigh looked so so cute in the dress we found for her. and i'm sure caitlyn will, we didn't try hers on her yet. i found them at burlington, and for way cheap, i got all three for under 70 bucks. wah hoo. i was excited.

we also had amelya's dress fitting this week. that went well. she was such a good girl and let the lady pin her all up. she is going to look oh so cute too. i'm just praying already that she is given the confidence and not-shyness to walk down the aisle. i know she will. my mom came along and got to see her in the dress too. we also set up the appts for my dress fittings. it's nov 3rd and 5th. and the wedding is nov 8th. boy i'd be stressed if i were the lady who had to do it. but as long as she is fine with it so am i. i'll be nursing so lord willing the pounds will be 'sucked out'. sorry for the term...but really it's what happens. nursing helps lose the weight faster.

have i mentioned that i've kept my house clean still? god is so good. he's been helping me have some ambition. now i do have dishes in the sink. but that's easy enough to clean up. but the rest of the stuff i've kept clean.

well i suppose. my sister is coming over today. i'm going to help her do some stuff for the wedding. and since she isn't sharing details on her blog, i best not on here, because i know some of the same people just may read both. :) so i gotta shower. it's so nice to still be in jammies after noon though...

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Beth said...

I LOVE your header picture. I am almost 30 weeks pregnant with our third baby and want that picture of me and my girls!!! They so love my belly right now. My two year old is always saying "I see belly, I see belly"!

I loved your post - the whole pregnancy and growth of a human life within my body still amazes me as well!

Good luck as you approach your baby's birth day!!!