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Friday, October 03, 2008

fall is here...

it is for sure fall outside today. i even turned the heat on yesterday. i was trying to put it off as long as possible, but it was just too cold in this house. we live in an older farm house, so that means it's freezing in here in fall and winter. upstairs is worse. it's deathly hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. we have a heaters to help though.

today i have a drs appt. i'll officially set the date with my dr. but i'm not telling... :) it's just so weird to be so close to the end. it always feels like each pregnancy went so much faster then the ones before. maybe it's because i'm busy and not consuming myself with just this baby. i have three other children to take care of too. at any rate, i'm just as excited to meet this little one. shaun and i are doing this labor by ourselves like with caitlyn. amelya and breigh had a room full of people with us. but with caitlyn i wanted to do it ourselves and this one too. i love it both ways. i get more pictures when there are other people in there, but oh well.

last night before bed i was showing the girls their pregnancy scrapbooks. amelya and breigh loved looking through them. i was all teary eyed looking at them with my girls. it was fun to show them what they looked like when they were born, although it took some convincing before breigh believed us that it wasn't caitlyn or maddie's baby in the pictures. shaun looked through them with us too. it was nice. because he's a boy and really doesn't care too much about scrapbooking. i think he looks at my pages out of love not because he wants too. :) oh well.

i'm supposed to scrapbook tonight. i'll be honest i'm too lazy to want to move any of my stuff out of my house. i offered my house to scrap at, then i don't have to haul anything further then from under my stairs. we'll see what happens. i just am getting so exhausted lately. i won't even carry breigh up the steps anymore. she's too heavy for me, and i have to stop every few breaths just to take a breather. maybe i'm outta shape too huh? if i do scrap i'm not even going to work on my scrapbook stuff. i am going to work on stuff for my sisters wedding stuff. i offered to cut out a 'wedding party' with my paper doll cartridge for the cricut. so i have lots of people to cut out and put together. then i'm making something else too. so i'll work on that. then it'll get done lord willing, before this baby comes. because i won't have that much time after.

the girls did really well with their dance fundraiser. we have to turn it in next week, but i told everyone by the first. so i'd have everything, so if anyone who didn't order wants to....let me know, because i really have til this week to turn it in. amelya is turning into a little ballerina. breigh cries when we get to class, but particpates and smiles during it. i have yet to figure out why she cries like that. and at home she is always practicing her point and walking on her tippy-toes and turning. so it'll get better i'm praying. i can't wait to see them in their dance recital. it's not til may. but it'll be cute i'm sure. on the 25th of this month we get to see what sort of costume they'll be wearing for it. i can't wait to see those either.

i have the girls' big sister shirts half done. i have always made them a shirt for when they meet the new baby. i haven't decided what i want to put on the front of them. anyone more creative then me have an idea?? this is the only idea i had:
on amelya's: I'm the BIGgest SISTER
on breigh's: I'm the BIGger SISTER
on caitlyn's:I'm the BIG SISTER
is that cute? oh i just don't know. for amelya with breigh i just had: i'm the big sister. and for breigh and amelya when caitlyn was born i had: Team Big Sister and on the back had the numbers 1 and 2 respectively. so now i've just gone and run outta ideas. and on the backs i always put their names. so i have all three of their names on the back of the shirts right now. and i bought leggings for them too and put flowers on them on the bottom part of the leg on the left side. so now just the fronts.

well i suppose i've just babbled about nothing today. i need to get moving to get ready for my drs appt. it's at 1150, a super bad time, but it originally was at 1030 and had to be rescheduled. oh well. next week's appt is worse 1135. we'll manage we always do. :0)

have a super good day and weekend if i don't "talk" to you before then...

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The Johnson Family said...

What if you put something creative with A, B, C, D on their shirts seeing as that's how you have been naming your kiddos. Not sure what to do with it but I know your creative. Love the new pics they are gorgeous!