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Sunday, October 05, 2008

random thoughts for your sunday morning

sunday morning already?!? boo hoo. the weekend went by SO fast. it always does when shaun doesn't have to work. but he kind of did work too. and is gone this morning finishing up. our soybeans were combined yesterday and the co-op closed before they were done, so shaun had to get up and take the wagons over there so he can get them in. at least he didn't have to get up way super early like on a normal work weekend. plus next weekend he has off because we're going to that wedding.

i'm excited to go away. it's been awhile since we've gone away. in fact i think the last time we 'went away' was for our one year anniversary, four years ago. that's a long time. we've had nights away but never a weekend away. i'm kinda sad leaving the girls for an entire weekend, it'll be my FIRST time being away from them for days and not seeing them. and if i weren't so sad about it, and if shaun was getting some paid vacation, i'd stay away longer to make a pit stop at the mall of america in the twin cities. we've never been there. i want to go, shaun...probably not. but we'll be SO CLOSE. we're staying in rochester. i hope it's not a super super huge city. i don't like huge cities and lots of traffic. heck appleton during christmas season way stresses me out. nw we'll be in a bigger city that i have no idea about. but it'll be fine. god's in control, and that's all i need to trust in. the wedding isn't until three on saturday, so we have friday night and saturday morning/a little of the afternoon to hang out. then on sunday, because i booked the 'romance package', we're allowed a later check out at like two or three. but we'll leave well before that i'm sure. it's almost a five hour drive from home so i'd like to leave maybe by noonish so we can actually SEE the girls on sunday. the only thing i don't like is missing church. we'll have to see if rochester has any calvary chapels around it. it'd be fun to go to different calvary chapel. or if any of my blogger buddies happen to live over in that neck of the woods, let me know about a good bible teaching church we can pop in at next sunday!! :)

the monday after our 'early anniversary getaway/wedding' is caitlyn's appt with the pediatric gi doctor. i've looked up her exact 'diagnosis', more so i can have a medical term and don't have to say her anus is too close to her vagina, all the time. it's called an imperforate anus. i've freaked myself out by looking up the condition online and have purposed it in my heart to not do it anymore until we meet with the gi doctor. her case though, seems to be a minor version of the condition, which makes sense then why it wasn't caught until after she is a year old. it looks that she'll probably need some sort of surgery but not as invasive as it could be. so please my praying blogger buddies keep this in prayer. especially over my thoughts about it, and just for the doctor's wisom.

all these weeks are going to fly by. i just know it. then we'll be holding little baby d. i just can't believe it. before i was counting in days, not weeks, because days sounded longer. now i'm counting in weeks, because days sound shorter. lol. i'm a girl. i'm weird. i know. so in mere weeks/days this baby will be here.

i know what it'll be.
i know the date (if baby sticks to it).
but there is still so much i don't know.
who will it look like.
what will the temperment be.
how will it's sister's handle the change of a new baby.
how will labor and delivery go...
will baby wait til the date...

i hope baby chooses to wait. only because i just don't want my water to break anywhere BUT the hospital. yuck. that is the grossest part of labor to me. i don't like the constantly feels like i wet my pants feel. or everytime i laugh, it feels like i wet my pants. most of you blogger buddies have had babies before, and most of you i'm sure know what i'm talking about. and you'll agree, i'm sure, the wet pants-feeling is all so worth it when you're holding that precious new baby in your arms. i never ever believed anyone when they said, you forget the pain. RIGHT. but you DO forget it ALL, immediately. every time i held my new baby girl in my arms, none of the hours before even came to my head. all that mattered was this awesome new beautiful blessing i'd been given. that's one of my favorite parts about the birth. holding the baby. and just staring at it. watching it sleep and move. and i'm sure this baby will stretch a lot, because that's all it seems to do right now. ohhh i just can't wait. so pray for that too, my anxious ness. thoughts of this baby seem to consume me at times. it can't do that. :0)

we're going to a movie this afternoon. we're going to see fireproof. i'm excited to see it. it's by the same people who created facing the giants. facing the giants was an awesome movie, so i'm sure this one is going to be too. the girls are going to go by my mom and dad's house. hopefully my dad is home, i think they really enjoy seeing papa. plus i know my dad enjoys the time he spends with them. it's fun to watch them interact together. especially because growing up, my dad worked a lot, and we didn't have those times with him when we were little. and by the time we were bigger, we were provided the time, but didn't really take it.

so i suppose. i've rambled and babbled and didn't even talk about this weekend and what we did! but i gotta get the girlies ready, and myself ready for church!! talk to you soon...

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